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Hi, Evadavers!

We have added new features and options to our product.
Thus, going to share our latest updates with you!

For whom is it available?
To all advertisers

What's added?
- Archiving of advertising campaigns
- Google Search App Targeting
- GIF format in creatives

Let’s go deeper inside each feature

Archiving advertising campaigns


Previously, Archived and Completed campaigns were placed in the same section. For your convenience, we have added the tab “Archived” on the /advertiser/campaigns page in your personal profile.


Now, archived campaigns will be displayed in the Archived tab. Also, at the top, you will see a notification that the campaigns will be deleted in three months from the moment they were moved to the archive.

Google Search App Targeting


We’ve added a browser for Google Search App targeting to campaign settings.


Now you can find ‘Google Search App’ browser in the "Browser" filter in your profile and in the admin panel.

GIF format in creatives


You can now add *.gif format creatives to your In page Push and Nativ campaigns.


Conditions for adding:

Max size: 1MB

Corresponds to the resolution specified when creating a Personal Area Ad Campaign.

Formats: Native Ads, InPage.


According to Evadav's testing results, ads when using GIFs can potentially increase CTR by up to 150%

Test new features directly in your ad campaigns.

Sign in to your Evadav account


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Hello, Evadavers!

This month, we expanded the list of available placements and added more than 1000 new sites and applications that have passed the full review.
According to the results of tests from our traffic buying team, we share with you the most effective verticals:

- Dating
- Gambling
- Utility
- Software
- Smartlink
- Push notification
- Betting
- Trading
- Sweepstakes

We recommend testing such countries as USA, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, and Canada.

- Choose the offers and countries that suit you from the list.
- Create an advertising campaign.
- Write to your manager and replenish your balance until September 30 with a bonus from Evadav.

- $100 bonus - for deposits from $2000
- $50 bonus - for deposits over $500
- $25 bonus - for deposits over $100

Go to your personal account



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New Features From Evadav: Filter Campaign Group and IOS 16 Targeting

We have added new features and options to our product. Sharing the latest updates with you!

Hello, Evadavers!

We have added new features for advertisers and options in your profile. Sharing the latest updates with you!

What's new in the Evadav profile?
- Filter Campaign Group
- IOS 16 Targeting.

We’ll take an in-depth look at both new features.

Campaign Group Filter
In Evadav profile, you can gather campaigns into campaign groups. We've now added the ability to filter campaign groups in statistics.


The Campaign Group filter has been added to all cabinet tabs except the Group, Source, and Zone tabs.

Targeting by iOS 16
In Evadav profile, you can set up targeting when you create a campaign. We have added the ability to specify targeting for iOS 16 (which is the latest operating system from Apple at this time).

iOS 16 displays when you create a campaign in the OS version field


Launch campaigns with Evadav


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Hello, Evadavers!
No time to fall into the blues, because the Evadav team has prepared an incredibly profitable promo for you.

Coupons for $100, $200, $300, $500, $750 and even $1,000 are waiting to be picked up. Multiplying your profit and getting bonuses has never been so easy!

We are launching an autumn level-up marathon for our advertisers - with bonuses of up to $1,000.

All Evadav advertisers can participate, both new accounts and existing ones with active advertising campaigns.

How to unlock bonuses?
It’s as simple as possible:

- Create new advertising campaigns or scale existing ones.
- Increase spending and go through the loyalty system levels from Evadav
- Get your fall bonus every time you level up.


Bonus system:
-v$100 - when achieving the Bronze level, deposit $500, spending from $301 to $1000
- $200 – achieving the Silver level, deposit $1000, spending from $1001 to $3000
- $300 – achieving the Gold level, deposit $2000, spending from $3001 to $8000
- $500 – achieving the Platinum level, deposit $4000, spending from $8001 to $25000
- $750 – achieving the Diamond level, deposit $5000, spending from $25001+
- $1000 – achieving the Diamond+ level, deposit $8000, spending from $100000


Advice from the Evadav team: recommend launching campaigns on:

Formats inpage, push, and pops, this month they are especially good and profitable;
Top-10 verticals for faster level progression:
- dating adult
- utility
- software
- smartlink
- push notification
- betting
- trading
- sweeps
Top geo:
- United States of America
- Brazil
- India
- Indonesia
- Vietnam
- Australia
- Canada
- Italy
- Germany
- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
- France

The marathon will last until October 31, so don’t miss your chance to multiply profits.

Create new campaigns, scale existing ones and get wow bonuses when you level up
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Hello, advertisers!

Inpage format, presented by ad networks a few years ago, stirred up the market, arousing the interest of advertisers. The format is attractive because:
- it is not subject to regulation by browsers;
- it increases traffic and ROI.

Evadav tip:
If you’re looking for new traffic sources, look at the inpage! It is a forward-looking format that immediately became a hit among advertisers, allowing successful campaigns on any device, including MAC and iOS.

The Evadav team has developed a detailed step-by-step guide for learning how to work with the inpage format in which we:
- give all the features of the format in detail;
- talk about new custom styles that will increase conversions cosmically;
- teach to run and optimize advertising campaigns;
- and share life hacks and tips to maximize profit while reducing costs.

Start pumping knowledge and skills for the most effective use of inpage from Evadav!

Specs and features of the inpage format

In-Page is a pop-up banner ad that works in any browser and on all iOS and macOS devices. The block is placed inside the page without any user activity. Due to it, the ad covers a wide range of potential customers.

Before launching an ad campaign, the advertiser can choose Standard or Premium traffic.

Premium Inpage is a traffic source that can bring high results with minimal advertiser involvement. You do not need to work with white and black lists and select the sources manually.

Inpage also has the following advantages:
- CR immediately grows several times;
- Due to the careful selection of sites, sources are as consistent as possible with the vertical;
- No need for optimization: resources can be directed to other areas that require your attention.

Inpage is a practical format that reaches the widest audience. It covers platforms Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS, which favors them from the classic push notification.

It is adaptive: it targets all devices, providing maximum coverage and achieving high CTR, covering almost 100% of users.

Top geo

The most significant traffic volumes in these countries:
- India
- Brasil
- Malaysia
- Philippines
- Japan
- Great Britain
- Saudi Arabia
- France
- Brasil

New custom styles

The updated inpage format from Evadav has changed in appearance; the mechanics remain the same. After the upgrade, users can choose styles with templates:

- Classic allows you to form different ads with a button where you set the desired text.
- System is a format that mimics the OS notification. It increases the CR with the same impression amount.
-vSocial is a template that makes the pop-up window look like a social network notification.

After the updates, the customization of creatives for any verticals and pre-landings has been simplified for the user. Banners are as attractive and relevant as possible, which leads to an increase in CTR and CR indicators. As a result, ROI offer also grows.

The most popular styles for working with creative ads:

Classic with Dark and Light templates is versatile, the real win-win solution for:
- gambling
- betting
- finance
- nutra
- sweepstake
- e-commerce
- crypto


Social with LiveChat templates is perfect for:
- dating
- webcams

Original and attracts attention, which means a confident CTR build-up.


System with templates imitating system notifications is suitable for the following:
- software
- utility
- antivirus
- sweepstakes


Evadav tip:
To optimize the design of the ad campaign, the advertiser should choose the style that best suits the objectives and specifics of the vertical.

More about styles

The style specifies the appearance of the banner. The advertiser selects the option that will look native on the page.

There are three styles:


The advertiser specifies the template corresponding to the selected banner format.

Examples of Classic style templates


Examples of System style templates


Examples of Social style templates


The description text must embody the semantic core: clear words and terms for your audience.

A button text should engage with a clear and understandable CTA (Call to Action). For example, register on the site, buy a product or get a bonus.

The button can be located inside, outside, or with alignment to the left edge.

You can add macros to optimize configuration. The minimum required set is {CLICKID} and {SOURCE_ID}.

As part of the advertising campaign, you need to test different creatives.
For example, we test images in a live chat template.


The more attractive images, the better, but you need to pay attention to your budget. Usually, the picture gives a +30% CTR. Also, test the button position – it affects CTR.


Evadav tip:
We recommend experimenting with creatives, without limiting imagination, in any amount. Next remains to watch the indicator CTR. You can turn them off at any time for those creatives that did not work, leaving everything that contributes to the increased clickability.

What is the result?

With the inpage format and new settings, you can quickly get these statistics:

Adult dating vertical – results before and after the use of new custom styles.


We can see how ROI and profit have grown enormously.


Inpage is a forward-looking format that has already proven its effectiveness in promoting the offer and profit of your dreams – still hesitating?

Then read the complete guide and see for yourself

Run inpage-campaigns and get cosmic profit


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Hello, Evadavers!

What are Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales?
Black Friday
is the weekday following Thanksgiving in the US. (the fourth Thursday of November).

Most affiliate product creators, eCommerce shops, and software system developers provide large offers throughout Black Friday week. Typically customers are able to expect fifty to eighty percent off on nearly every product they're thinking of shopping for online.

That is why such Black Friday offers are promoted by almost all types of bloggers, affiliates, website owners, and marketers. With massive offers and discounts, they sell affiliate products like hotcakes.

Definitely, we recommend that you test yourself and run advertising campaigns, first of all, on such verticals as:
✅ eCommerce;
✅ Dating;
✅ Sweepstakes;
✅ Streaming;
✅ Beauty;
✅ Gifts;
✅ CyberSport;
✅ Software;

Promote offers from our partners with Push notifications, Inpage banners, Popunder, and Native ads. To make that alive, this year we at Evadav have prepared a profitable offer for all advertisers without exception.

There we have a Black Friday deal:

Use promo code EvaBlackFriday22 and get 10% on top of your advertiser balance. Be aware and hurry up, promo codes are limited in time till the end of the day and be active only on 25th November.

You won’t wish to miss them!

To help you we also collected the best deals from our partners.

✅ Spy Tool Deal - Adplexity
Get a 50% discount for the spying service with up to 40% life discount and be whitelisted to the early access to the TikTok Ad spying tool for free. (the tool will be released in early 2023).

Promo code: evadav_bf22.

✅ CPA Network – Adsempire
Get increased rates for exclusive dating offers with AdsEmpire:
Flirt - CA - web - 3.3$ mob - 2.8$
Benaughty AU - web 6.3$/mob - 5.8$
OneNightFriend - US - web - 2.8$ mob - 2.5$
together2night - NZ - web - 4.8$ mob - 4.3$
meetwild ES/GB - web/wap - 2.8$
Swipe-next US/UK/AU/NZ/CA - €2.5
GET A BUMP! and instant approval.
Promo code: evadavBF.

✅ Tracker – Voluum
Get up to %30 discount and an additional BF deal.
Promo code: evadav.

Start Black Friday Ad Campaigns & Monetize Your Traffic With Evadav


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Hello, Evadavers!

Ho-ho-ho! Winter has come, which means we are officially entering the hottest commercial season of the year.

The sales frenzy is going online, and it’s time to dust off your most daring campaign strategies and ideas.

So, Evadav Team opens the season of festive bonuses and fabulously profitable campaigns. Ready, steady… We start our winter pro marathon!

All Evadav advertisers can participate, both new and existing accounts, with active advertising campaigns.

How to participate?
(spoiler alert: it’s easier than writing a letter to Santa)

- Create a new ad campaign or scale an existing one.
- Scale your ad campaigns by 10% in December (compared to November).
- Get up to 6% cashback on your monthly spend.


Bonuses level:

The bigger your advertising campaigns and spend, the more cashback you get.


Promo will last until December 31. Do not miss your chance to get abundant wealth and great cashback on monthly spend.

Scale your campaigns and make a profit

Recommendations from the Evadav team

Winter means a festive season and, therefore, a lot of sales. We recommend launching campaigns:

1 with the best advertising formats from Evadav:
- Updated inpage is especially good due to new custom styles: more conversion and ROI;
- classic push does not lose its relevance;
- pops are very promising this month.

2 in optimal verticals from Evadav:
- dating
- sweepstakes
- betting
- gambling
- crypto
- utilities
- software

3 on Evadav’s top geo:
- The United States of America
- Canada
- Mexico
- Brazil
- Germany
- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
- France
- Italy
- India
- Thailand

To get a cashback, send an email to from 01 to 10 January with the subject: CASHBACK and the following info – your email (the account login) and the spent amount for December.

We’ll take it from here.

Start marathon