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Drop Shipping Business Idea?

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by threenerds2014, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. threenerds2014

    threenerds2014 Affiliate affiliate

    I want to start a new drop shipping business but don't know how to start. Would you like to suggest me how could I generate money from drop shipping business?
  2. Golden Goose
  3. coolspot19

    coolspot19 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi @Mr. Fox

    What exactly is it that you are unsure of?

    The drop shipping model is very simple, if your unsure where to start it might just be that you are over thinking the whole thing.

    What sort of products do you want to drop ship?
    Do you want to use 3rd party market places such as amazon and ebay or run your own site or both?
  4. mdvelops

    mdvelops Affiliate affiliate

    I'm also interested in this. Are you essentially working as a middle man between a buyer and a seller? Seems like you need a lot of time to build up inventory and a commerce site and everything...
  5. coolspot19

    coolspot19 Affiliate affiliate

    You would be surprised how quickly it can be set up, suppliers and an eCommerce store can be sorted out in a few days, longest part is going to be waiting on the shipping of your sample orders. Adding in the inventory is a long winded process, but luckily is not something that needs to be done all at once. I recommended testing your products and supply system using ebay, when you find a product that works well, then add it to the site with any and all applicable accessories for it, when you are ready to start marketing your site then, you simply need to send the suppliers for the items a flyer design and for a small fee they will print it and add it into your package, this then allows you to move away from and have more control over your operation.

    Everything I have drop shipped has been direct from china, so sample orders is a must as everything needs to be checked against the original specs and your descriptions amended where needed.