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DoAffiliate.NET is an international Affiliate Marketing network. We work in Latvia,...

  1. agatedoaff

    agatedoaff Affiliate Affiliate Manager affiliate

    DoAffiliate.NET is an international Affiliate Marketing network. We work in Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Spain, and soon will expand even more.
    Mostly we work in finance field, we have a lot of campaigns for banks and credit companies, which are campaigns for the specific country, but we have global campaigns, that work anywhere, too.

    DoAffiliate.NET has created a user friendly, simple and effective system, that is good both for merchants and affiliates. We have CPL, CPS, CPA(+CPA2) and hybrid campaigns, too. You can check out our campaigns in our website:

    We use cookie tracking, for most of our campaigns we have API or S2S, that provides information about approved leads, sales etc. every 5 minutes.

    DoAffiliate.NET has bonus programs for publishers, who bring good results, and Support Team is always available, to help you, when it's needed, or to take into account your suggestions about our system, new campaigns etc.

    If you have any questions, contacts:

    Agate Kakerane
    Project Manager
    Tel.: +37129645633
    E-mail: agate.kakerane@doaffiliate.net

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