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D-Pt. Adsense Sandbox Bogus

King Conga

I had decided I needed to stop fleeting around to different subjects and forums getting a bit here, then there and get the fundamentals. So, I went back to A. Guild's class and read the Adsense Mint. Seemed like real solid advice until I actually went to DigitalPoint to try it out.

I went thru the Keyword Suggestion module and placed "Christian Musicians", "Worship Music", and even "George Bush" just to see what I'd get. On ALL (3) THREE the same results: Ads and sites ALL about "hinges"! What gives? What do I have to do? How do I use all of those tools?

KC :confused:

King Conga

Maybe if I Rephrase?

Is there any other utility that does the same thing that Adsense Sandbox. I wrote their support e-mail 2 days ago and haven't gotten any response yet. I've posted the same question on another blogging forum with no response. I don't know what I did, or said wrong, but it must've been awfully offensive.

Merry Christmas,