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Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by cpadatingmaster, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. cpadatingmaster

    cpadatingmaster Affiliate affiliate

    Many of you think if entering in one of the CPA networks and start to promote CPA offers that will start to make money…


    CPA marketing is same as any other marketing and not everyone can perform it successfully.

    Statistic says that from 100% people who are enter in Internet business 1% will remain inside and from that 1% ONLY 0.5% will start to make money that can live from it. Are you inside that 0.5%?
    Are you the right person who will succeed or already did in Internet marketing?

    You must know that Internet marketing and as well as CPA marketing is job as any other job and not everyone can perform it. As I cannot be nurse in the hospital, maybe you cannot be successful Internet marketer but if you don’t try you will never know.

    To be successful, a part of the inner capability, you must have knowledge in marketing (most of you don’t have it), you must have money to invest (did you see any business growing without investments?) and you must love it.

    If some of the above attributes missing you will never be successful.

    OK, so let’s cut the crap and go straight to the methods I did when I start with CPA.
    My first CPA network I join was MaxBounty CPA network. Immediately upon confirmation of my application I start to explore CPA offers.
    From my previous knowledge I know that doesn’t matter how good product is, I need traffic, highly targeted traffic. This I already know but what about newbies? Do they know about it? Do they know how and where to get highly targeted traffic?

    I’m already 10 years in IM and last few in CPA marketing and if now someone takes me everything and leave me without money, only with laptop I will be able to start make money same week and be back in real business in less than 3-4 months.


    Supposed I start from zero, no money to invest, just laptop and Internet connection…

    First what I should do is register to one of the CPA network, make application and call direct dedicated affiliate manager to get accepted fast. I know that is very hard now to enter in CPA network but with nice talk, nice explanation of benefits you will enter.

    OK, I’m in. Now what? (Remember, I have no money to invest)

    First I need to choose CPA offer to promote. I know that dating offer convert very well and is the best offers for newbies because you don’t need to search for highly targeted traffic, dating, sex, flirt loves almost everyone.
    The best way to promote dating offer is Facebook CPM and PPV but supposed I don’t have money to invest in paid advertising so I need to find another, free way to start make some money that I will later invest in PPC/PPV.
    Did you hear about eWhoring? This method I use even today when I feel boring and need something to relax and enjoy.
    Method is so simple; I just create few females profile on some of the social networks like Facebook, Tagged, Badoo and start interact with other members. If you set up one hot profile, be sure your inbox will be full of messages.
    Next what I do is set up personal blog with CPA offer.
    All what I need to do is send people from social networks to my blog with certain techniques of chat.
    Now calculate, if CPA offer pays me an average of $4.5 per lead, free registration and I start to drive 10 leads per day what is not hard at all, my daily earning will be $45.00, weekly $315.00, and monthly $1350.00 what is more than enough to start to invest in PPC/PPV.

    Many people use this technique successfully and this technique is legal but not moral. On the end, my bank account is not complaining.

    If you are able to find good dating offer that pays even more for free leads like Scandinavian dating offer; Firstdate, $15.00 per free registration (Neverblue offer) calculate how much money you can make using this completely 100% FREE technique.

    The most important part in this technique is nicely done social network profile and imagination and creativity in the chat, your ability to convince other side to register on CPA offer.

    Now when I get money I can start think on how and where to invest it to duplicate and even triplicate my earnings.
    Best place to do that is Facebook and one of the PPV network.


    Facebook is great place to promote dating offer via Facebook advertising platform but is also very strict and it’s very easy to get banned if you don’t follow the rules.
    I will not talk about the rules because you can read it by yourself but will talk about how to set up profitable Facebook campaign.
    First I will create Facebook fan page around CPA dating offer. Inside fan page will create fan page tab using iframing and will point my add direct to Facebook fan page tab, reveal one. Means; my ad will point to Facebook fan page tab and once visitor get there need to like the page to reveal hidden content. Using this method I get him as a member of my fan page and will not lose him immediately.
    Inside ad settings you can target specific country, age, gender but what I do is target audience. I simply extract ID’s from people who already like similar page, save them in the text file and upload as targeted audience. This way I keep all inside the Facebook and lower the bid up to $0.01 per thousand impressions.


    For those who don’t know what is PPV and how it works, just Google it to find out.
    Using PPV is great way to start getting highly targeted visitors. To be successful in PPV marketing you need to understand how it works so get some knowledge first or you will just lose all your money.
    For PPV you can use your landing page or you can send visitors directly to an offer but must be sure it will display correctly.
    Not every PPV network has same window view. Lead impact, per example, have 775x400px in a left upper corner so you must be sure your offer will be fully visible in that window.

    To be able to use my own landing page need to have domain name and hosting plan. You can purchase it for a very low price on the net.
    Personally I use GoDaddy service for domain name and BlueHost service for hosting plan.

    When creating my own landing page I use all my creativity and always spy on other successful work.
    Take notice that you have ONLY 775x400px space to create content that will be eye catchy and that will convert. Believe me, how much seems to be easy, it’s not.

    This is it. Thanks for reading and now is the time for you to take some ACTION! :D
  2. terraleads
  3. Joe Rodriguez

    Joe Rodriguez Affiliate affiliate

    Great information. I've been trying to learn how to make real $$ with CPA and this is some great information you've shared. Thanks!
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  4. lovecpa

    lovecpa Affiliate affiliate

    Thanx for sharing post .

    Does cpa networks are allowing such methods ?
  5. shimato

    shimato Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks :) great information
  6. powerbiz13

    powerbiz13 Affiliate affiliate

    That was a very interesting post. You make it sound so easy - but I thought some CPA networks don't allow i-frames?
    This post is worth printing out and saving on my wall !
  7. kelvin

    kelvin Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for knocking some reality into us. Great information in this post.
  8. fernandoch

    fernandoch Affiliate affiliate

    Where did you find these statistics from? Do you have a reliable source? If this was the case, most of us would not be here...
  9. melvinjay

    melvinjay Affiliate affiliate

    nice post bro.....
  10. dillardsm

    dillardsm Affiliate affiliate

    great post for us just starting out.....
  11. jonnyace11

    jonnyace11 Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for the info
  12. lrs1995

    lrs1995 Well-Known Member affiliate

    Does keeping the bid on Facebook CPM to $0.01 with a custom audience get traffic?
  13. cpieracom

    cpieracom Affiliate affiliate

  14. monbiz

    monbiz Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I'm a bit hesitant to say where this statistics is aggregated or not, but the point there is undeniable. Consider how many people think of "making money online" easy. And how many merchants advertise there programs as "an easy why of making a fortune". I guess, those stats shouldn't really be much of a wonder.

    Great post, by the way - stumbling on such practical info is quite rare.

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