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Great .co domain name in the dog niche!

A little info:

- Cocker Spaniel has 40,000 exact searches a month in Google with a Medium competition.

- Domain Name Expires Feb 16, 2014

- Would make a great blog about cocker spaniels or a niche website promoting cocker spaniel products

- Price? Make me an offer

- Will do a free push to your Godaddy account but if you want to transfer you will have to pay the fee.

Why am I selling such a great domain name?

I got it with the intent of building it and then reselling it but I never have got around to doing so because I am currently working on several other projects.

Since it is now harder to find .com names people have been purchasing other extensions and .co is the next closest thing to the trusted .com gTLD.

People have not quite caught on to the full potential of the .co gTLD but it is slowly gaining popularity.

Let me know your offer below. I am willing to let go of this amazing domain name fairly Cheap!