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Books on Affiliate Marketing for Merchants


Hi people,

I must say I'm a great fan of paperback reading. I was wondering if there are any books on how to develop an Affiliate Business from the Merchant point of view. There are so many books for affiliates, and not so many for the Merchants...

Right now I know about the "Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants" written by Shawn Collins and Frank Fiore .

Any other? Or something newer?


Linda Buquet

Shawns book is the only one I'm aware of.

Linda Woods at PartnerCentric used to have a BUCNH of really good articles on affiliate management. Now with their new site design I can't find that section any more.

The section was called but now it re-directs to the home page. Here's one of her management articles from her old site:

Wonder if she knows how much of the old good content re-directs to a different page now on the new site? Her old resource section now re-directs to her partner page too. There was some great content, keywords and spiderfood in those sections. I'll ping her and let her know and see if I can get to some of her good articles.

Linda Buquet

Heres a new one - CHEAP too!

Alice Seba just launched a new one that looks like it's packed with good info.

I have not read <a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Manager Sweetie</a>, so this is not a review. (That's also not an affiliate link.) Just feel that for the introductory price of $27.95 with a 30 day money back guarantee you can't go wrong. Affiliate managers that want to give their programs a lift and especially brand new affiliate managers are bound to learn at least a few new tricks. The intro price is good through March 15th.


New Member
Affiliate 'KORAN'

It very heartening to know that Affiliate Manager Sweetie is now in the market.

This surely will help a lot of Affiliate fanatics to have their own Affiliate 'KORAN'.

Cheers to good life of Affiliate Marketing!!!! :)