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Ask Me Anything Big Knowledge in the Jewelry Ads

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Idvert_Elaine, Apr 26, 2018.

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    Idvert_Elaine New Member Certified Vendor Service Manager Marketplace Seller affiliate

    Jewelry is a common category in e-commerce field. It’s quite easy for the product to become a hot-cake as long as it has a trendy style and a satisfactory quality. Most of all, the selling price is uncapped, which means the potential profit is quite considerable. With the addition of a small and light feature, it’s relatively cheap and convenient even for an international shipping. Therefore, jewelries are quite favored by many E-commerce vendors. So the question is how do we make a profitable jewelry ad and bring the customers a good shopping experience?
    Let’s take “Vancaro” as an example. Watt searched this advertiser on Idvert and found it has posted over 336 creatives on Facebook. It’s not difficult to find this advertiser has tried every possible advertising format including video, slideshow and image, then which format performs the best for a jewelry ad?
    By comparing the data, we have concluded that the video ads present a better performance than the other advertising formats. Let’s take a look at the analysis.
    This 23-seconds video ad shows a crown-styled couple rings simply with two scenarios: One is a close-up display of the actual product, and the other is a model's try-on demonstration.
    As to the ad’s copywrite, it is a call-to-cation slogan added with some love, jewelry, and cartoon icons to attract the customer’s eyeballs.

    Though it is hard to distinguish which one is for the king and which one is for the queen in the ad, it seems didn’t affect people’s passion for it. I can wear whichever one I like, isn’t it? Compared to this, a try-on demonstration and an attractive slogan are much more crucial to the CTR.

    Of course, not all the video ads are performed well, take this one as an example. It only shows the ring in a 3D rotation without any wearing presentation. Thus, it’s hardly for the audience to judge the wearing effect.

    We also could learn something else from its Facebook fan page and online store.
    During the visit on its online store, Watt has notice a brand promotion video is embedded in each product page. It is a great way to promote the brand and strengthen the loyalty of the clients.
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    That's amazing, the idea behind making the ads creative is very unique!
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