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Review Best Spy Tactics for Ecommerce biz

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Guru Sam, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Guru Sam

    Guru Sam Affiliate affiliate

    1- FB-Search
    one of thr best ecommerce sites that generates the proper search term and post it to your Facebook search bar , so you never get confused where to put that terms to find that posts Simply follow this steps

    1-enter this site FB-Search

    2-write your search term

    3-find out about any of Posts , Photo Posts , Video Posts and Shares

    even you can search Live Posts ,all posts or Page Posts only

    all are mentioned clearly in the main page

    ** Extra Tips **
    Search for your Keyword + Free Shipping , most of competitors add this term to their Ads

    2- Spy Shopify Stores in your Niche
    I think most of you now are surprised as they never knew that it is possible , to find clear information about your competitor’s stores without using general search that it might not fulfill that Goal.

    however here is the steps

    1- go to google and type this term

    site: myshopify.com + your Keyword and it is done

    2- Check your top competitors in Similarweb in terms of Traffic of their websites and reffering domains gives them BackLinks Top Referring sitesand even websites, products and Affiliate offers sites they refer to by checking top destination sites

    it is free to use for limited Data , if you need more upgrade to the full version

    ** Extra Tip **
    you can use this method to check any website you want to investigate

    ex. site: Amazon.com + your Keyword , so you can match your model of business competitors and gain knowledge wisely.

    3- check top affiliate product platforms
    Even if you are not willing to sell products through affiliate links , you still can gain knowledge about products that work , have a great selling history and even sold by your competitors by checking your niche in top affiliate programs on the best ecommerce sites , you can join’em then just enter your keyword and watch many of ideas to scale up your business and know more about choosing the right products in terms of highest selling items

    However Here is some of the best ecommerce sites you need

    1- CJ check for no. of sold items .

    2- ClickBank check for gravity no. “means how many of it sold last week”.

    3- Shareasale check for no. of sold items .

    ** Extra Tip **
    Search for your Keyword using filters for price range , gravity and if it is new don’t rely on its gravity or no. of sold items , most of competitors add this term to their Ads

    the full article is on my website dropshiphack.com
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2016
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