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Basic SEO Keyword Optimization Elements.

John Guanzon

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The main part of the search engine optimization, or SEO, process for your website is to actually perform your site's content for the keywords that you may have selected. So to properly optimize your content, the selected keywords should be placed into a number of page elements, including Title tags, Meta tags, page copy, Alt attributes, and in- and outbound link anchor text. The keywords should be seamless and flowing parts of your website content.

Note that each of the Web site pages for which you want to generate Internet traffic should be individually optimized. Doing so enables you to be very specific in your page optimization and thus provide multiple search engine entry ways to your site.

Basic SEO keyword optimization elements:

1. Title tag The Title tag defines a Web page's name, which will be displayed in the top bar of a Web browser.

2. Meta tags Meta tags are used to define pertinent Web page information, including descriptions, keyword lists, and occasionally page-refreshing intervals, robot commands, author names, and page language.

a. The Description Meta tag defines which site information a search engine will display in its listing of a website

b. The Keywords Meta tag allows you to compile a complete list of keywords that relate to your website/page.

3. Page copy Each of your Web pages should contain well-written, informative, keyword-optimized copy. Search engines appreciate unique content and will generally reward it with high search engine rankings.

4. Alt attributes Alt attributes, which are used to provide descriptions of the images on a Web page, allow you to enter informative, keyword-rich content to accompany the images. Alt attributes much provide an actual, accurate description of the images they accompany.

5. Link anchor text You should make your website keywords part of the anchor text on your website. The anchor text can be used to tell both humans and search engines what type of document a link is pointing to.

John Guanzon