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Official Avazu Private Exchange

Avazu Private Exchange (APX), is a exchange platform for independent publishers to...

  1. avazupx

    avazupx Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Avazu Private Exchange (APX), is a exchange platform for independent publishers to convert website traffic into revenue. Advertisers post premium offers on the platform, while publishers with rich media resources and channels take them. Supported by the technical and managerial knowledge from Avazu Inc, advertisers and publishers are mutually benefited.

    Flexible payment period: the normal payment period is a month, but for publishers with a good reputation and a large traffic weekly payment may apply.
    Advertising offers covers global market, across PC and mobile devices, with competitive payout.
    We customize advertising pages for publishers to increase market share.
    With independently developed mobile applications and traffic inventory, Avazu APX is about to dock with Avazu DSP and provide one-step service for the publishers.
    Professional support team provides one-to-one online support service.
    Responsible compensation scheme: publishers will be compensated if they suffered from lost caused by the APXP platform.


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    Avazu Private Exchange

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  2. newbidder
  3. rain upload

    rain upload Affiliate affiliate

    1000 is little bit high
  4. hans23

    hans23 Affiliate affiliate

    Avazu is great, offer payout is high if not highest, AM is friendly and warm hearted.
    Well, I am still not reaching their payout threshold though lol, because I am not focusing my traffic there.
    If you have high volume of traffic, you can try this network.
  5. arcsn

    arcsn Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, I need a guide on how to set up a campaign with avazu affiliate network.... I got accepted to your network, but I feel lost in your dashboard...
  6. TheBlueMarketer

    TheBlueMarketer Affiliate affiliate

    Just want to warn anybody about this "company": stay away from them, AMs are really rude and not helpful, crazy high threshold limit and I heard of many ppl that had problems get their money.
    I will look elsewhere for a mobile CPA network.

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