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Attracting Traffic - other than Normal


Most people use a website and try to get it high up in the rankings. What other methods do YOU use to lure traffic to your site???

Most of the others I seem to come up with tend to involve money. I am really looking for some good guidance here - specifically some unusual stuff.

Linda Buquet

Hey Mike,

Great topic! Since you say "Most of the others I seem to come up with tend to involve money." I assume you mean FREE ways to get traffic???

Starting a blog can be a good one. That's one of the ways I generate more traffic to 5 Star. Here's a free report from some industry pros about how they use blogs to jumpstart their traffic.

FREE MAXProfit Blogging from Ros Gardner & Affiliate Classroom

Trafficology has a really interesting newsletter thats all about UNIQUe ways to drive traffic. Some of the ideas are pretty out there but some are great!

Here is the link: NOTE: it looks like a big long sales letter and IS trying to sell you something. Scroll to bottom and you can get the newsletter for free.

GOOGLE gave me the link to lots of their old archive traffic building ideas. :p
Scroll through these and you'll find some good ones. Many of the ideas are about using blogs to build traffic but there is a wide variety of other good methods too.

Anyone else have good traffic tips???


Get high trafficked blogs to plug your site in a post.

Ask for a "site review" in a topically related forum.

Submit a (really good) press release (I am not talking about a spam release - I am talking about a genuine press release).

Write or create something so amazingly cool that you get dugg, slashdotted, shoutwired, delicioused, red and boingboinged. (I have only even managed one of these at a time and some of them never).

Linda Buquet

"get dugg, slashdotted, shoutwired, delicioused, red and boingboinged."

Good way to put it Rob. Gave me a chuckle. I always focus on Digg and sometimes forget about the others. I've been Dugg a few times, but I usually just Digg myself! :p

Thanks for the reminder about the others. In fact I need to start scanning some of them for news. Going to go add some to my feed reader now. I haven't found anything to blog about today so I need some new idea fodder.



Oh, i didn't realize that you meant FREE traffic. Well, organic SEO takes a little while and unless you post at high traffic forums and blogs then i'm at a loss as to what to say. Even article submission takes a while to take full effect. Running a business means having a advertising budget which means spending money. Of course if you make back what you spend then the advertising WAS free.


You've had success with that?

For me, traffic exchange has been an UTTER, complete absolute total waste of time.


You can try good old article marketing.
It's free and can get you lot's of traffic fast.
I use it regularly. As an example. I wrote an article and was listed in google top 10 in a couple of days.

In 13 days I've gotten 300 visitors and 1 sale. Not bad for 1 hours work.
Eventually when I build enough cash up I'll outsource writing articles but free is free right now. I did some checking and one article I read from a different authro had 50,000 views in less than a year

That's how I suggest you start out.
Just besure to do keyword phrase research because it helps to target the right ones to get top listings and traffic


Agree with Click-Here. still brings me traffic from articles I submitted months and months ago.


My Methods

The methods I have used to get more traffic to my sites are:

Search Engine Marketing - this is where you write as much unique content yourself to target various keywords or keyword phrases. You can do some research on the keywords that fit your website theme, and then see how many sites are in the database of the search engines - this will give you a clue as to which keyword phrases to target

Blogs - I use several blogs I maintain on the network. I use a slightly different technique of what I call keyword blogs. I basically research various keywords and call my blog by a general keyword and then write lots of unique content on different keyword phrases related to my general keyword. When using blogs you can change the format slightly so that each post is on a different page, and that you link all the blogs together, and place links to your site on the blogs etc. You can go to your sites and put direct links to your blog posts

Link Exchanges - I seek out sites with similar content to my own that are listed high in the search results, I then exchange links with them. This has pushed my site higher up the rankings - but it is a slow process

RSS Feeds - I use various bits of software/scripts which "draw-in" content from other RSS feeds around the internet. This automatically adds content to my sites and gets the search engines to come back more often to my sites

Hope thats a few ideas that will help you


just a short note regarding digg & co, it's a pitty they are just "big" in the "english world", as I'm German I need to say, it's impossible to use those marketing possibilities for German sites unfortunately - but for english ones they're great.