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Article Marketing With Christopher Knight


I read an excellent post the other day on proper Article Marketing from an interview conducted by Scott Allen (from & ) and Christopher Knight (owner of the wildly popular article directory

Christopher is an article marketing expert and points out some crucial tips on how you can make the most of your article marketing campaigns. If you're new to article marketing or even a seasoned vet you should review this article. Enjoy.


Article Marketing

Thanks for sharing! I love reading this type of stuff. It fires up the creative juices and helps you get focused.

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choose those article headlines carefully

i didn't find anything particularly new or useful in that article. but the reminder that 90 percent of your traffic from any given article will be determined solely by the title you choose to give the article is worth repeating here.

for instance "How To Make $1000 Online Fast" will draw way more traffic than "How To Make Money Online Fast". The first title is specific and suggests a particular strategy, whereas the second is more likely to head a list of possible strategies of somewhat more diluted form. before expecting someone else to click on the headline of an article you wrote, it is worth spending some time thinking about just what might make *you* click on that headline.