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Hello forum members,

We are new and joined the forum looking for advice on what webmasters look for in an affiliate scheme. We launched our scheme 2 months ago, and despite being in a fast growing industry and offering 15% whole lifetime commissions we have struggled to attract affiliates to join our scheme.

We did research before launching and thought we had covered all the bases with , real time statistics and reporting, a low minimum withdrawal balance and a wide selection of banners sizes.

Are we missing something? what do you guys look for when joining an affiliate scheme?

Any replies would be welcome.


I'm H

Welcome to the forum,

Someone in a similar position to you was also asking questions like this, i replied with the following :

UK Print Affiliates WHERE DO I FIND THEM!?

I feel your pain, its a bit of a catch 22 where you need to get some affiliates on board to gain other more established affiliates.

Mainly to prove 1. You do pay out and 2. Your product converts well enough to be worth someones time.

You might want to consider offering a select few affiliates higher commissions to get things rolling, also contacting industry blogs to write about your program and obviously the normal route of Press releases , I believe PRweb offer a great Press release service for around £350 which gets some great coverage , its not listed iin their normal price plans but if you login you will see the top plan.

As they say sometimes you need to spend money before making it , advertising and getting your Affiliate scheme out to the masses is the aim.