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Adsterra Scam

Discussion in 'Disputes and Resolutions' started by pawan sharma, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. pawan sharma

    pawan sharma Affiliate affiliate

    hi frnds i wanna tell you all that adsterra is doing fraud with publishers . they blocked my account without any reason and when i asked y i was blocked , they giving lame excuse that i sent bot traffic. when i asked show me my traffic reports my account manager Ivan dint show me. my traffic was 100 percent genuine human traffic n i can show proof from where i sent traffic .THey ate my 300 usd although its not a big amount but cheating is cheating So beware of fraud from adsterra. IM attaching screenshot of my conversation with adsterra manager So you can have an idea. THANKS and sorry for any mistake in my english[​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. Karmand93

    Karmand93 Affiliate affiliate

    He seemed a bit direct in the skype conversation, and like you said...you requested to see proof and he never responded.

    I don't know much of the situation to make any claims here, is this your first payment from them?
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  4. pawan sharma

    pawan sharma Affiliate affiliate

    yes it was my first payment, he said all clicks are of same ip lol i sent global traffic and after checking high cpm countries i targeted only those . After 2 days cpm dropped to almost zero and i asked him why cpm is zero he dint reply so i stopped sending traffic. And after few days they blocked my account
  5. chanchogc

    chanchogc Affiliate affiliate

    Well, there is nothing to explain. All networks have tools to detect fraud traffic, even if publishers claim they have real traffic. Most of the times the publisher do not even know where the traffic is coming or if it is real, specially if they outsource it.

    Aside from that, the networks do not have to explain any further. the manager already said that most of the traffic comes from the same IPs, which is an indication of bot traffic, among others they for sure tested to cross references. 1 IP should not have more that 15-20 impressions a day, as a regular user you will never pop and AD more than that in one day and if you do it is an isolated thing.

    You better check your traffic sources before claiming something like this. Specially because advertisers like me are always on the loss with it. We hate fake traffic!

  6. pawan sharma

    pawan sharma Affiliate affiliate

    i have a adnetwork too n i create campaign with 1/24 limit so its not possible that all traffic was with same ip and if so why he dint show the reports , and my traffic gets many cpa conversions on different networks a bot traffic cant get cpa conversions. and one more thing i buy traffic from mobicow too its a well known network they never can send bot traffic
  7. Proffesor

    Proffesor Affiliate affiliate

    same happen to me also with $420 ! they didnt send any proof why they blocked me, my traffic was good, they are thieves!
  8. Wkids

    Wkids Affiliate affiliate

    Every month different member from their team contact us to buy traffic from our site. 2 years ago i was banned by google for 1 month for selling traffic to Adsterra. They offered us to get paid before traffic sending. I know if you want live long in this Industry then Ignore these network, build your own traffic rotation service. Go with CPA to cut middleman and increase your earnings by 50%.
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