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Announcement ADeer Pay - a virtual card platform for ads pay


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
ADeer Pay is a virtual card platform for managing hundreds of cards to top-up your Facebook / Tiktok advertising accounts. ADeer is a well-known ad network in nutra. With years of experience with FB advertising, the ADeer team has created this most convenient management platform and has focused on ads-spend maps.ADeer Pay Advantage:
  • Immediately create new cards for each ad account
  • Free access to hundreds of cards for hundreds of advertising accounts
  • Create a dozen of cards and deposit / withdrawal to the balance of the platform / inactive cards in a simple way
  • Allocate cards to your teammates and give them aliases
  • Set different platform roles for your teammates and they can only check their own cards and spend the balance separately
  • Real-time billing reporting with 4 time zone parameters
  • Payment methods: bank transfer USD; ADeer offers transfer commissions