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500 clicks, no conversions, some theories

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by n3kr0, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. n3kr0

    n3kr0 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi there, first post here (after introduction)
    Apologies in advance, but this will a bit long

    With Gotomobi, and using 360 security app in Indonesia: In the first attempt i used 9 banners with 3 angles, direct link, and had 3.606 clicks and only 8 conversions, but i continued, and started to optimize the placements with the best guidance possible with several sites, blogs and forums, got a list of dozens of blacklists and a few white lists, and realized that i was making one mistake, using different angles in one campaign, then took the second step: Landing pages, at least two, then decided for a second attempt with one campaign and one angle and ran with it.

    6 banners, but this second time used the blacklist setup, BUT (mistake) i used whitelist as well, so... the blacklist did worked at all, lol.
    It worked, but only for the cheap traffic, i stoped at 5,734 bids - 4,442 wins - 156 clicks
    cause there was no conversions for 3 or 4 days, BUT... i went to my email account as i do every day and there was a message from Affiliaxe saying that that specific offer changed for a new ID, i don't believe that was the problem, cause the first attempt (8 conversion in 3.606 clicks) was as bad as this one, anyways. I had to change the ID of the offer, i did, and went with it.

    This third time used a blacklist placements only, without LPs, why? cause the first time i had conversions without LPs and i wanted to try to explore a bit more of potencial whitelists without using LPs a little bit more, i changed the frequency cap from 5 to 2, and from 'No Session Depth' to 1- 10. Using the same banners, same angle, this time i got: 143,180 bids; 73,725 wins - 585 clicks, no conversions.

    i wanted to use new banners and new angle, but since i tried whitelist only campaign (again, by mistake) i wanted to go for a blacklist one, for a little more exploring.
    It got me thinking, so many clicks and not one conversions (come one dude, really?) i realize that the angle perhaps was not perfect, perhaps for this GEO,
    well, horrible is the perfect word. But i also read somewhere that the bigger the App is to install, in this case 11mb, it does not help.

    But i also got to spy a little and i notice that some people are making some money with worst banners than mine with not "that unique" angles, but promoting the exact same offer.

    i made some colossal mistakes, going back from LPs and using same banners and angles, well... testing and learning.
    Does the size of the app really hurts the campaign or it can hurt in a specific GEO?

    After screaming at me 'you effin idiot', i would appreciate some feedback as well.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2016
  2. terraleads
  3. Dispply

    Dispply Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Yayk! Amazing story of how we all should NOT do. However you're right, who doesn't fall, never learns.
    Japanese have saying "Fall seven times, stand up eight." (so true, at least for me).

    Anyway about the question. Yes, the app size really hurts, for some geos it can hurt more or less.
    If I got you right, the countries (especially Tier3 countries) are harder to push in "heavy" downloads, because the cost of mobile is quite high.
    Mostly the size doesn't matter in UK/US/DE/SG/HK, however still depends.

    Try reading this: Mobile marketing statistics 2016

  4. n3kr0

    n3kr0 Affiliate affiliate

    Glad you liked it :)

    But yeah, i knew that i was making mistakes, as i was doing it.
    I guess that's a win.

    Many thanks for that link, tons of info and headaches.
    I found a list of Tier by country, that puts things in perspective, lol, anyways, thanks for
    the feedback. :)

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