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Greetings from Zurich, Switzerland. We would like to introduce to you our new content...

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    Greetings from Zurich, Switzerland.

    We would like to introduce to you our new content locking network, 12gMedia.com.

    How is 12gMedia.com different?

    We are a real "offshore" content locking network that this industry never had. Our headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland with offices in Geneva and Hong Kong, we are sure you have heard of Swiss banking and some of the great benefits that can be enjoyed by working with such a strong structure. In Switzerland, the highest value is placed on privacy. As such, we do not adhere to the unethical requests and demands to disclose user information which are constantly being imposed on other networks within this space (those setup in U.S.A, Canada and elsewhere).

    As a result, you have piece of mind with 12gMedia, there is no worry or concern that what you earn today will be gone tomorrow. For other networks, your account may already be monitored closely by an unwanted 3rd party that can take action at anytime.

    What about 12gMedia's advertisers?

    Our advertisers love us as we protect them as well. We provide our advertisers with only the highest quality traffic and we work with them on a one-on-one basis to ensure they will never receive traffic that they do not want. Some of our advertisers are also companies we have a vested interest in through our private equity fund.

    Does 12gMedia pay with PayPal?

    Of course. PayPal supports Swiss based businesses and allow us to pay publishers all around the world. We also pay with Payza, Payoneer, and Wire.

    Does 12gMedia offer high payouts?

    Yes. But all 30+ content locking networks say this. The difference with 12gMedia is this: Our business is but a small part of a much larger portfolio that is heavily diversified across industrial, tech, bio, banking and manufacturing sectors. 12gMedia is also funded and owned by our Private Equity Firm. Through our other business ventures, we have established many B2B relationships. In fact, many of the ad units we're able to provide you with come directly from companies that we have a vested interest in.

    The results? We're able to deliver many exclusive rates as a result of higher payouts from the advertiser and we're able to simply pass along greater earnings for other ad units as a result of our overall business structure which does not demand that we retain larger portions of publisher earnings.

    With other Content Locking Businesses, we have done our research and know who they are. They are single businesses that are forced to retain large portions of earnings. This allows them to pay monthly overheads and keep their businesses running while also protecting against regular reversals. For us, being part of a large structure allows for an extremely large reduction in operating costs. Our structure also provides us with security against unforeseen cash flow issues such as reversals so we are not forced to take more money from our publishers and put it aside in case something happens. In short, we can afford to pay the publisher more. No other Content Locking business can honestly say this.

    Does 12gMedia accept pornographic content?

    No, not at this time.

    What is 12gMedia's payment terms?

    We pay Net-0. This means you will be paid for this month's earnings at the end of the month.

    Can anyone get into 12gMedia?

    With our standards, we consider ourselves to be in the highest tier of exclusive CPA networks. We review all publisher applications to ensure our advertisers receive the quality traffic they expect from a top network. Since we protect our advertisers they provide our members with the highest rates available.

    Let 12gMedia gain your trust.

    For a limited time, we are allowing all new publishers to be paid a one time payment whenever they want. If you want to test with us for 5 days and receive payment for your total balance, the option is yours and available with PayPal only.

    Thank you!

    We will be here to answer any questions you may have.

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