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007 cpa

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by 007CPA James, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. 007CPA James

    007CPA James Affiliate affiliate

    007 CPA

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  2. Golden Goose
  3. howimakemony

    howimakemony Affiliate affiliate

    First off i want to say that i am happy to have started working with 007. I started working with them for around 3 months now and i can see only good things out of my partnership with 007. They are prompt with the payments and whats best is that their offers convert like CRAZY and i mean it.
    I have made split tests between 007 and several other CPA companies and i have found on average around 30% or more increase in overall EearningsPerClick than any other CPA network i have worked with.
    Here is some proof of some of my recent results driving whatever traffic i have.
    PROOF : [​IMG]
    Its amazing that with only ~6000 clicks i managed to net $1800. Something i wouldn't have pulled out with other CPA company.
    Their offers can skyrocket you if you have any traffic....even if you have little traffic as me you still can make a hefty sum.

    I am telling you this is a no brainer. Fast support ...their Affiliate managers are awesome always helping me with anything...they put me on their shortest payout terms after my 1st month and i didnt have to make 5000+ like you would if you were in other CPA network.
    Actually i have my AM on 24/7 calls :) i can reach him anytime and he responds always to me.

    And the sweetest deal of all is that you wont get screwed with your money and get C&D like you would if some competitors rat you out and start messing with your work. I have lost so many $ with other companies in unpaid earnings that it still hurts me but i am happy i found security in 007 Cpa network and i wont worry about getting my money at all.

    This being said what do u have to loose but to try it yourself and see with your eyes that all i said is true. Give it a try use 007 for a month and you wont get back to your other CPA networks. They are that good i tell you.
  4. KristofSX

    KristofSX Affiliate affiliate

    I’m in this business for over 20 months, tested many different companies, from the biggest ones to some smaller, and when i started work in 007 i just couldn’t believe in those stats!
    i never had soo high epc! those offers converting like crazy! No need to test and choose from 100 offers,
    The support is great, the payouts are always on time, and best of all, all our personal data is 100% secure.
    So, stop wasting Your traffic, and join 007!
    here is some of my stats: [​IMG]
  5. dotjason

    dotjason Affiliate affiliate

    I've been in the CPA industry for a little over a year and a half and would like to share some of my stats from 007CPA.

    I'm amazed with the EPC with 007. I've worked with about a dozen other CPA networks and none of them can even touch my stats with 007.

    I like that I don't have to test and waste my traffic to decide which offers are converting and which aren't. My AM is almost always online and willing to help me out. Payouts are prompt. Most of all I can sleep at night knowing that I don't have to worry about 007CPA throwing me under the bus for using social media traffic.

    Here are a couple of days with some decent traffic;
  6. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Nice stats - i may give you a try soon :)
  7. mtmjohn

    mtmjohn Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Looking good. Does 007cpa have content locking gateway?
  8. Captain

    Captain Affiliate affiliate

    Offshore banking for publishers? Sounds interesting... Currently grossing 50k/month, but growing to 6 figs. I push solely INTL dating. Anyone from staff can hook me up with an offer list? PM me skype or mail!
  9. 007CPA James

    007CPA James Affiliate affiliate

    Gentlemen (and the odd lady that we all love to see in the game), I'm glad to see some nice posts from our loyal publishers on behalf of this loyal network... honesty, integrity and loyalty are what 007 CPA is all about... and it goes both ways, all the time.

    I normally avoid forums as they are, way too often, a podium for ignorance and character assassination (often sponsored by competing networks). I have a feeling that CPAfix's members are at a higher level however, and therefore I'm willing to engage here.

    On that note... I'd like to dispel a couple myths right off the bat:

    1. Done properly (as we do), offshore banking is entirely ethical and perfectly legal
    2. Done properly (as we do), tax minimization is entirely ethical and perfectly legal
    3. Done properly (as we do), legal refuge and privacy is entirely ethical and perfectly legal
    4. Done properly (as we do), asset protection and offshore structuring is entirely ethical and perfectly legal

    Anyone that says otherwise is misinformed. If anyone has anything to say to the contrary, feel free... provide proof of claims and or quality statements with actual content and I'll address each concern in full, guaranteed. Any blanket claims and statements with nothing specific (like "Not paying as much tax as possible is Un-American", lolz) will be ignored. If you're genuinely confused or concerned about anything I'm very happy to take as much time as required to remedy that.

    Okay, moving away from one unique aspect of 007 (offshore structuring) and on to the actual business of CPA lead generation... there are a couple things already here to address:

    1. 007 CPA is primarily, at this time, a content locking network. We have a custom coded proprietary gateway system that serves up offers based on the users location. We offer 4 ready gateway skins (for the 4 major social networks), plus an option to upload your own custom .css skins. However...
    2. 007 provides verticals that aren't normally appropriate for a gateway. Such as biz opp, dating, careers, credit repair, education, etc. At the moment we handle this on a per publisher basis. We are working on an interface for our offer system however that will allow for rapidly deploying these offers (without allowing them into the gateway).
    3. 007 has ~20 direct to advertiser relationships and ~15 quality ad broker relationships, totalling 100's of offers current on the network, however...
    4. 007 tests all offers before setting them live. Unlike most other networks that throw up 1000 offers (950 of which are crap) and force you to figure out which ones convert, while adding new offers every day that are crap and must also be disabled, we only set live 20-40 offers at any given time that are guaranteed to convert. We use our own in-house traffic to test offers... if they don't hit .15+ epc consistently, they go in the trash bin, and publishers never even see them. Once live, we then watch all day long for changes in performance and adjust the offers (live or paused), to ensure we squeeze every last EPC point we can for the publishers.

    I figure I should stop there for now, as I'm probably testing the lengths of most people's interest and attention span. There are a tonne of other things that I'd like to share that make 007 TRULY different from all the other networks (such as free cloud hosting for our pubs - cpanels or servers, depending on volume of traffic, and custom script sharing), but I'll give this thread the time and space to discover these things.

    We are now, and continue to grow as a legitimately exclusive network that seeks to innovate in the CPA space and ensures quality over quantity in everything we do... offers, publishers, advertisers, etc. We want only the best and work every day to ensure that anything attached to or associated with 007 is top quality, or it's made to move on. As our site states, we are looking for people with volume, but we also allow for the entrance of skilled coders and IMers that are well connected but not yet or presently able to push big traffic.

    There is much to share and discuss. I look forward to that opportunity here.

    Please feel free to comment and question here or PM me for a more detailed and personal response.

    Best, James
  10. Jay Wessman

    Jay Wessman Affiliate affiliate

    Sounds like a pretty solid network with some good points of difference from all of the networks out there.

    Might give you guys a try sometime!
  11. operationoffers

    operationoffers Affiliate affiliate

    This network contacted me asking if i had good content locking offers for USA. We approved them & applied to their network. Then they told me that our conversion rates had to be faked or something. ( we have alot of offers that convert at about 25-35% for soft incent) and so he declined our application. We use a automated script to compute the epc, and the script is not something we have access to (we use performa scripting, so if you know what it is, you know we don't have access to this program)
  12. john007cpa

    john007cpa Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    First, I wanted to mention how bizarre this is to see a post out of the blue, almost 5 months after I talked to this gentleman.

    Second, I wanted to make it known that we did not contact him and he contacted us, applying on our network.

    I figured I would just post our conversation here to clear this up:

    He applied to us (Nov.14/11):

    John Gg (12:02:27 AM): hey
    Joseph Salmons (12:02:37 AM): hi
    John Gg (12:02:43 AM): hows it going?
    Joseph Salmons (12:02:46 AM): good
    John Gg (12:02:53 AM): cool cool
    John Gg (12:02:57 AM): my name is john with 007cpa
    John Gg (12:03:01 AM): i saw your application
    Joseph Salmons (12:03:33 AM): wow that was fast
    Joseph Salmons (12:03:50 AM): normally takes a few days

    Offered to show us their "high converting offers":
    John Gg (12:50:06 AM): while i am not saying these epc numbers are fudged, Ido find them a bit ridiculous
    John Gg (12:50:08 AM): for example
    John Gg (12:50:13 AM): offer 641
    John Gg (12:50:17 AM): is a full page submit
    John Gg (12:50:20 AM): paying $1
    John Gg (12:50:24 AM): and is converting at .41 epc
    John Gg (12:50:31 AM): that would mean a 41% conversion rate
    John Gg (12:50:38 AM): which you dont even see on simple email submits
    John Gg (12:56:56 AM): i am sorry but i dont think we are interested at this time
    John Gg (12:57:01 AM): something seems too fishy here
    Joseph Salmons (12:57:40 AM): but basically most of my affiliates are active gpt sites, and so their members are receiving compensation in some sort for the offers, so they convert more, plus i have higher rates than most other sites
    John Gg (12:58:00 AM): well content locking will not be able to do that well on any of these offers
    John Gg (12:58:15 AM): thanks though

    So, all of that was info they provided was regarding "Get Paid To" hard incent offers... which are obviously totally different than content locking, as people are encouraged to complete offers to make money (i.e. hard incent, not soft incent as he claimed).

    Anyway, a strange, false and misleading comment that I thought I would address.

  13. fedidaido

    fedidaido Affiliate affiliate

    Does 007CPA accept incentives type of promotion. For example ShiftCode script (GPT site).
  14. 007CPA James

    007CPA James Affiliate affiliate


    007 CPA is an incentive network, excluding hard incent (cash earnings) like Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites. At the moment, all of our offers are ok for soft incent (non-cash rewards), and include the use of our content locker should you wish to lock the reward.

    We may offer hard incent offers in the future, and have discussed it, but currently we have no plans for it.

    Thanks for the question.

    Best, James
  15. brswonga

    brswonga Affiliate affiliate

    I have been told by many people to sign up to this network. Before I do, what countries are supports (have offers for?)
  16. 007CPA James

    007CPA James Affiliate affiliate

    Hey there, we have offers for just about every country. However, we normally only provide top country offers for our locker... just the best of the best. Please submit your question and contact info (preferably Skype) here: 007CPA.COM | CONTACT, and we can have a secure/private conversation on the details.

    Best, James
  17. Nox007CPA

    Nox007CPA Nox Singh Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Screenshot at Jul 12 22-30-32.jpg

    You can look over my EPC too,
    As a publisher i have worked with many networks, Never got such EPC over a content locker.
  18. YomaYEAH

    YomaYEAH Affiliate affiliate


    007cpa is the best network considering it's AMAZINGLY nice staff. They all feel like really good friends from day 1.

    They are stone-solid, and have NEVER ever let me down. Payments have always been on time without any issue at all.
    The staff is extremely easy to get ahold on and it takes no time for them to finish/answer.

    If they would be any issue they even contact you really quick, without you losing any money (have happend several time on other networks, due to slow staff made me lose 1000$'s of dollars).

    This is all based on my 2 years in Internet Marketing.

    STRONGLY recommend this network! And I have tried many this is my numb. 1.
    The EPC is great aswell.

    My rate is 4 out of 5
    Reason: Abit wider country support and it's really a 5! ;)
  19. chirag88

    chirag88 Affiliate affiliate


    What i should say about 007 CPA network is ? You can see my screenshot, Payment is on time, Having best epc on offers, I am geting 0.30 to 0.70 epc on best performing countries.Never had such a great converting offers on CPA industry. James is very familiar guy to work with. Never had any issue in payments or in terms of epc etc. Having a trusted affiliates in the network and new feature of chat by which affiliates can share thoughts and new tactics of marketing methods which is really helping for us. Its my honest review about 007 CPA network. thnaks
  20. Freedom

    Freedom Affiliate affiliate

    ScreenHunter_112 Jul. 13 09.25.jpg ScreenHunter_113 Jul. 13 09.25.jpg

    The best CPA network I have worked with this year. Payment are always on time, even paid earlier if asked. Not to mention other benefits such as getting a payment even before payday, thanks to John and James. They have helped me tremendously. Looking forward to work with 007 again once I get my traffic back in place.

  21. 39ster

    39ster Affiliate affiliate

    Excellent network. Always on time with the payments. Here's a screenshot from my payoneer page (one of the payment methods supported):

    i.imgur.com/USiRt.png <--- bigger

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