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youtube method

  1. Shourove saha

    YouTube Traffic For Working On Pay Per Call ?

    Hello Does anyone use to youtube for pay per call? It's working to generate targeted calls? Its effected for pay per call? Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  2. David Mali

    Best ways to get more views on Youtube?

    Hello Affix members i need a few tips to get more views on my videos Free/Paid but organic thanks
  3. leadinfo1980

    How to use Youtube Ads and Peerfly Offers ?

    Hi Folks, Any one Guide me how i can use Youtube Ads and peerfly offers ? Thanks
  4. iamthecoolnerd

    Getting Paid From Other People's Videos

    Getting Paid From Other People's Videos We all know that you can make money using your own YouTube videos. But what most people fail to realize is that you can make money from other people’s videos as well. It’s not difficult to do. You just need a good niche and a small investment of time to...
  5. N

    Whats the best way of promote affiliate link on youtube

    Hi, I recently uploaded a short video o youtube that consisted of a video saying that there are other ways to create traffic rather than using Google. The video had links to the affiliate links that are referred to in the video Are people going to read the description and click on the links...
  6. Arif Hossain

    [Method]****How To Chek Your Youtube Video Rank****

    Do you know How To Chek Your Youtube Video Rank ? Dont Worry Today I Show How To Chek Your Youtube Video Rank Chek Please See All Step ****Method 1**** Go 1.Put Your Youtube Video Link 2.Put Your Keyword 3. Search Criteria:Top 20 Top 100 Top 300 4. Click Find Rank...
  7. Redamrg

    {Group Skype} Youtube Comments and likes exchange group

    Hello guys, I want to start a private group in skype in which we can exchange comments and likes. The reason why I want to make it cause you can drive a lot of real traffic to your videos . Cause some people may decide to watch your video if your videos has a lot of views and likes...
  8. C

    what kind of ranking methods work with youtube now

    I heard the unlisted method doesn't work anymore.