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  1. Jessica Wang

    Publisher Manager Jessica from Yeahmobi

    Hey, everybody. Nice to e-meet you guys. I'm a publisher manager in Yeahmobi, reaching out to you guys for FB, Native and Adw traffic on Skin, Diet, Man enhancement and Muscle verticals. We promise you good payout and high CR. Start to earn big with Yeahmobi Good Day.
  2. SmartEnough

    CPALEAD and Startapp

    hi i want to promote cpalead/cpagrip offers in startapp CPI offers question 1 : where i can find offer creatives "banners...etc" ? question 2 : how to setup voluum with cpalead ? question 3 : which affiliate network is good at cpi offers , not "clickdealer,maxbounty,yeahmobi" i already signed...
  3. SmartEnough

    how to get approved ! in CPA mobile network

    hi guys , i'm new to affiliate marketing CPA CPI offers i have all needed tools to start , voluum , and spytool adplexity mobile .. i found some offers in adplexity for yeahmobi network with traffic source used , startapp , airpush or tapit .. thats fine now i want to test that offer ..ok i...
  4. Leadbit

    Meet Up China Affiliate Meetup by Leadbit & YeahMobi This Summer!

    After the heated Moscow Affiliate Conference and Afterparty we are happy to announce the global set of Networking Events! Join China Affiliate Meetup by Leadbit & YeahMobi this summer! Event is featured by the STM Forum and Moscow Affiliate Conference and organized to gather the local...
  5. R

    Yeahmobi not pay me

    Hello, I have been waiting for getting my weekly payment of $2075 My AM's name is Sara Xu. She does not answer me. I will fight until I get my money back. My traffic is good Yeahmobi can see my conversion report by IP, device,... Why not pay me ? Please help me thanks