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  1. K

    Heartbid is the best affiliate program for XML and OpenRTB.

    Heartbid is an online self-serve advertising platform. Select your very own way of reaching audiences. Launch and manage advertising campaigns easily with our user-friendly interface. With our real-time stats, advanced targeting options, and Ad creating tools your ads achieve the highest level...
  2. Graybeard

    Ask Me Anything ClickBank Algorithm

    SAMPLE>>> { "Category": [ { "Category": [ { "Name": "Art", "Site": [ { "ActivateDate": "2010-12-12", "AverageEarningsPerSale"...
  3. V

    Please advise best affiliate modules for Opencart

    Hello, I am looking for a reliable affiliate module to opencart 2.0, could you advice some? Looking for paid one and with proper support. Also, Who knows reliable data feed export modules for the same opencart system? thank you!