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wordpress plugin

  1. Honeybadger

    Wordpress Plugins & PHP8 for Affiliates

    PHP8 is rolling out across the world some WP plugins are PHP8 compliant some WP plugins are not PHP8 compliant and they break WP websites --> easy way to check if plugin is PHP8 compliant? otherwise I gotta send loadsa emails
  2. Honeybadger

    Can you make money with Wordpress Plugins in 2021?

    Does anyone know if you can generate affiliate commission by recommending Wordpress plug-in installations? Here's an example of what I'm thinking --> Affiliate creates Wordpress theme (or pays a developer) Affiliate lists Wordpress theme on search User installs Wordpress theme...
  3. IM_Newbie

    [GIVEAWAY] WordPress Theme or Plugin!

    It´s time I get something back to this community so, for the first 10 members, I will share a free WordPress element. It can be either a theme or a plugin! Tell me what you want/need and I will see if I have access to it. If I do, I will share it for FREE! All these resources are 100% clean...