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  1. RihardsLV

    Journey, 0-$$$$ Informational Site

    Hello everybody, I've been active on this forum for a little while now and recently have been thinking about starting a journey thread to help keep me on track and share some experiences with others and create some accountability. :) I was learning PPC before this and had some luck with...
  2. infraviolet

    Hey affiliatefix! I'm infraviolet :)

    Hello everybody! Another noob here :) I've got some experience in internet marketing, mostly as a manager in a different platforms. I've seen how affiliate marketing changes and evolves for many years and always wanted to become a webmaster. I have deep understanding of market (funnels, traffic...
  3. Tom - Version Two

    Black Hat Advertising vs White Hat Advertising

    Hey all, good to meet you all and looking forward to joining in with some discusions with people in a similar industry! Keen to find out everyones thoughts when comparing Black Hat Advertising compared to White Hat Advertising...My general thoughts in brief below, so keen to see what you guys...