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  1. YeezyPay

    The Most Profitable Ways To Promote Whitehat Verticals On Google Ads

    Google Ads has become the go-to advertising platform. It attracts high-value traffic that appeals to affiliate programs and advertisers, not just those in questionable "grayhat" verticals. Since Google promotes goods and services in legitimate "whitehat" verticals, it's easier to work on this...
  2. RihardsLV

    Journey, 0-$$$$ Informational Site

    Hello everybody, I've been active on this forum for a little while now and recently have been thinking about starting a journey thread to help keep me on track and share some experiences with others and create some accountability. :) I was learning PPC before this and had some luck with...
  3. infraviolet

    Hey affiliatefix! I'm infraviolet :)

    Hello everybody! Another noob here :) I've got some experience in internet marketing, mostly as a manager in a different platforms. I've seen how affiliate marketing changes and evolves for many years and always wanted to become a webmaster. I have deep understanding of market (funnels, traffic...
  4. Tom - Version Two

    Black Hat Advertising vs White Hat Advertising

    Hey all, good to meet you all and looking forward to joining in with some discusions with people in a similar industry! Keen to find out everyones thoughts when comparing Black Hat Advertising compared to White Hat Advertising...My general thoughts in brief below, so keen to see what you guys...