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  1. Zsuzsi

    Affiliates Wanted for Adult VR Product direct from Producer

    Hi I'm Zsuzsi from BadoinkVR, we are the number one Adult VR producers. We are looking for webmaster with Blog (male audience), Tubes, online sex shops, Tech sites. If you are interested in getting into VR and get a new revenue stream. Get in touch with me at zsuzsanna.vida at
  2. E

    Ask Me Anything Special VR for Valentine's Day Special!

    This Valentine's Day leave the roses and chocolates to others and celebrate with a new, special scene with Lady Bug (from the male POV) and Carlo Minaldi (from the female POV). Promote it today and increase your incomes with this sexy new scene ! Contact your us at support@firstmobilecash . com...
  3. Zsuzsi

    Affiliates Wanted Virtual Reality Offer

    HI, We are looking for partners to promote our Virtual Reality Adult offer, CPA or Rev share basis. We payout twice a month. Skype: zsuzsanna.vida for more info. Thank you Zsuzsi
  4. Zsuzsi

    Affiliates Wanted Direct Virtual Reality Adult Offer

    HI, We are looking for partners to promote BaDoinkVR. We offer PPS, Rev Share + awesome marketing materials such as VR Video trailers, personalized landing pages and exclusive images on Make real cash promoting the VR brand everyone, from Rolling Stone to Wired Magazine, is...
  5. SexTech

    Affiliates Wanted Recruiting Sex-Positive Affiliates

    Hi People! I'm Henk! I want to recruit 1000 affiliates for my affiliate program over the next two months. I am currently exploring paid options. If you know a company or work at a company that can recruit sex-positive affiliates to sell interactive luxury pleasure products, please leave a...