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  1. harnur

    HOW to save tax in affiliate marketing?

    Hello, I am from India. All the advertisement companies that I work with..ask for top-up in USD currency. But all the banks in my country charge 4-5% currency conversion tax for international transactions(USD, EURO etc). And 5% TCS tax for foreign transactions. And since i am doing it on a...
  2. sellagents

    How get VCC for Craigslist?

    Hello guys, As you know craigslist is now paid. We need to post $5/post in service section. I post multiple cities, the problem is my card is already blocked. I need to get VCC for each post or each city. I am wondering you if guys can enlighten me on where to get VCC for posting in multiple...
  3. thehustler

    Bing Ads and AdWords Account

    Hey, need to know that: 1) Can I have multiple separate Bing Ads and AdWords account on multiple outlook emails and Gmails? 2) I'm really having a problem integrating my card into Bing Ads. I think MS is noob lol. When I'm integrating the card, the processing and transaction of the small...
  4. Imi K

    Need Any Source To Pay Adwords!

    Hello, Anyone here who can help me in finding the source to pay my adwords expense ? I tried many VCCs but they didn't worked. Can you please help me in finding Good Quality reloadable VCC. I want to pay my expenses don't want to cheat google. Thanks!
  5. Cruelgrimz


    Any VCC that works with facebook and paypal. Need suggestion.
  6. P


    Hello, I need some good vcc providers for my campaigns. They should have easy charge back term if the network suspend my account. Any suggestion? Thanks
  7. S

    I need coupon for Bing Ads

    Hi guys. Tell me where you are mining method coupons for $ 100 Bing Ads. For me it's a real problem. in gratitude I am willing to give a little VCC for Bing.