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  1. 100kinvesting

    For affiliate managers: Plug-ins or Platforms? Why?

    Hi, everyone. I'm just wanting some feedback. Do you use an affiliate plug-in (like for a Word Press Site), or a Platform (like Share A Sale)? Why do you use what you use? If you started with a Free Plug-in, did you upgrade to a paid version of the Plug-in, or upgrade to a full platform...
  2. Ms Montana

    What is the best for Prestashop?

    hi, hope someone can help me with this problem? i have a problem in moving prestashop from localhost to livehost. i do this steps: 1- compress prestashop files to zip file in localhost 2- export prestashop database in localhost to a sql file. 3- move myprestashop zip file to public html in live...