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  1. Youssef_oukassi


    My profession is my languages skills i will translate any type of docoument or video from english to arabic or french and vice versa i need help to get hired so i would appreciate it if you know someone who is seeking this service please inform and thank you
  2. E

    Native translation from English to Yoruba,Igbo and Hausa

    Hello. I am Esther from Lagos, Nigeria. I am a professional language translator with years of experience. I will manually translate your documents from English to Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo effectively. Thank you
  3. Bloody Tourist

    Need a native guy or girl from Sweden

    Hey, I have a couple of headlines I need translated in Swedish. I have a Swedish dude in my Skype list, but he's on vacation! :) Who can help me out?
  4. Koro

    Free Translate for our needs! Try it !

    Today I will tell you one method which will help you to make your translation is more better and the main thing is free. For whom and what? We often want to work with a certain offer in geography language of which isn't known to us at all. In such cases LP made by us by means of the translator...
  5. akolipenoukou

    A New Member in the Forum

    Hi guys, I've just joined the forum and I would want to introduce myself to you. My name is Akoli Penoukou. I live in Lome, the capital city of the small West African country of Togo. I am a teacher, translator, affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliate and a blogger. I have been doing...
  6. Nasir Uddin

    Transey vs OneHourTranslation - Which is better?

    Hi Folks, I am going to translate my copy to Spanish, french and some other languages. Which particular translation services from this list you will recommend me keeping in mind that the service is faster, professional and affordable? 1. One Hour Translation. 2. Transey. Thanks in advance.