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tracking tools

  1. TORO Advertising

    12 Reasons to work with a tracker

    Tracking tools are the solution to address the needs of any publisher who is willing to improve and optimize their traffic to get to know where a campaign wavers and how to strengthen any flaws with the clear goal of making it profitable! Here a few reasons why you need a tracker: Track all...
  2. Mytuny

    I Need Tests & Feedback to This Free (up to 50k) Tracking Tool

    Hello World :) I'm one of a group of developers. We have an under-development ads tracking software project. We need you people to test our beta version that we just launched at this URL: => You're free to create an account with our email/password-only signup form and try to set up some...
  3. imrolling

    Free Tracking tool ?

    Hello I started my first campign and things are bit confusing, I realised that I need to track all my clicks and traffic but could not find any free tracking tool, I read affiliatefix guide for newbies on tracking but tools that are listed on that page are paid. Its my starting phase and I want...