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  1. J

    Does API integration improves CR?

    Hello guys, I have several questions about API integration for CC submit sweepstakes. I'm seeing that many of the affiliates around assure that working with API makes a big improvement on the CR% of th offers that they run. But i honestly dont know much about this matter. So i would like to...
  2. RichAds


    NEW SWEEPSTAKES WEBINAR FROM RICHADS IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER Don't miss your chance to know more about the vertical, approaches to finding offers, preparing creatives and landing pages from the influencer of the sphere. RichAds expert will show you how to set up and optimize the campaign...
  3. BiancaTrafficCompany

    Inhouse 1-click, clicktocall sweepstake offers!

    Affiliates! Have you tried our unique clicktocall offers? Let us know! Didn't run them yet? This is why you should: 1-Click: Almost every country you can imagine Revshare: The longer the call, the more revenue you get Best of all: Not yet regulated, no rejections, no caps! Not yet...
  4. ben gu

    Network Wanted Advice Sweepstakes

    Hello everyone ;) Please advice networks with sweepstakes offers. Thank you in advance :)
  5. Eva wang

    Network Wanted [Looking for] Network with ADcenter offers :)

    Hello all, this is Eve, nice meeting everyone in this forum :) I have been running sweepstake for quite some time and would like to try out Adcenter offers here, i would like to start with a trust-worthy network, anyone knows which network has this Adcenter offer? (sweepstake+cc) please reply...
  6. AniAffiliate

    Affiliates Wanted I need affiliate we have good offers

    Hello guys we have offers for: Dating Adult Dating Sweepstakes Gambling Mainstream Join Now and promote now and earn money with Affiliate Offers Network
  7. Shubham Chopra

    How to run a successful sweepstakes Campaign through Facebook Ads?

    How to run a successful sweepstakes Campaign through Facebook Ads? Without getting ban!
  8. B

    What is the meaning of Sweepstake routes

    Can you guys please let me know what it the meaning of Sweepstake routes.