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  1. Sergei | HeartBid


    Today we want to tell you a little more about our traffic. The very idea is to provide the traffic directly from website owners to our DSP advertisers, so that way we could ensure our clients that the traffic is 100% live. This is also why we have a domain targeting option among our tools...
  2. Sergei | HeartBid

    Official HeartBid. Intelligent advertising for progressive businesses

    Sergei | HeartBid submitted a new resource: HeartBid. Intelligent advertising for progressive businesses - ONLINE SELF-SERVE ADVERTISING PLATFORM Read more about this resource...
  3. Ad Experts Media Ltd

    Global Ad Network looking for the banner and native traffic via open RTB (CPM based)

    Ad Experts Media focused on programmatic media buying and we have successful cooperation with many DSPs and SSPs in the industry as well with direct publishers and advertisers. * Some content removed by Admin * .
  4. Abraham DiGiAff

    Looking For Top DSP on Performance basis.

    Hey folks, Could you suggest us, Top DSP on performance basis and payment terms only PostPaid.
  5. V

    Affiliates Wanted Short connection to advertisers

    Who is looking to make more money? If the answer is no, I assume you are an expert, doing a great job, probably with millions in your bank account, sipping a Mai Tai on the beach of some exotic island - congrats for that! If that's not the case, however, we suggest you read further, to up your...
  6. A

    video intelligence monetization opportunities

    Hi guys, I've recently been looking into ways to monetize my website. I'm interested in ad players that provide relevant advertising in connection to the content and heard about this new product from video intelligence called "vi stories". Did anyone give this a try? Thank you
  7. Evgeniy.Pixellito

    Pixellito, brand new SSP platform with CPM and Pop traffic inventory

    Good day, If you are looking to buy CPM, Pop traffic for your offers, then Pixellito is your excellent choice. We have everything you need for 100% control on your campaigns. No need to worry about tracking issues, no need to worry about entrusted sources, high payouts or preying for your...