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  1. Adtrex

    Affiliates Wanted Sports Betting Advice Site is featuring top Las Vegas Handicappers and Professional Sports Bettors. What we do is telling people who to bet on. Our success rate is close to 90%! If you have sport/sports betting traffic, join our affiliate program. Affiliates - Professional Betting Advice And Sports...
  2. IptvSensation

    Hello Everyone! Henry Here

    Hello :affiliatefix:, Just joined AffiliateFix! Looking to meet you guys, network and grow. I'm into affiliate marketing for last few years and recently opened up my own IPTV business. It's not THE best, but for sure one of the best as it converts at 11.75% :cool: Please share tips on how can...
  3. Nguyen Minh Tri

    Looking For Looking for CPI and CPL big budget Worldwide

    -Current I have a lot of traffic for CPI (shopping, gambling, sports, games, utilities ,etc..) CPL(sweepstakes, dating mainstream, dating adult) in many countries. -So I'm looking for big budget campaigns. *If you have these.. ping me via Skype, let's talk. *If you have these and have...
  4. B

    De-indexed on Bing

    Hey, I have some friends who tried to promote the Super-Bowl yesterday, but they were de-indexed, can you help me to advise them to avoid that again ? Thank you !
  5. B

    Hi everybody !

    Hi ! My name is Ben, and I'm an affiliate manager at Ad-center (direct advertiser). Basically I pay you for your traffic :D but I'm not only a buyer, I also bring all the help and the guidance that what affiliate need ! I usually cover niches like Movies stream / Sports streams / Music stream /...
  6. Muhaiminul

    want to launch a affiliate market

    Thanks to @azgold Hi, I want to launch a small affiliate market in locally for Bangladesh with few private promoters average present traffic is 30-40 k per day. Which market will fit for me for adopting offers? I want to use offerslook or hasoffter platform. And looking for health & beauty...
  7. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted Mobile CPA sports offers

    Sports is maybe not as popular as Cryptocurrency, still it has its fans and will always have. Check out what you can do with these top sports offers an get more of them at WapEmpire! AE WWE Club Etisalat(10845) Payout $1.5 BD Cricket Zone Redirect (21217) Payout $0.12 BR FIFA 2018 (21446)...
  8. Betpractice

    Looking For Affiliates To Promote Football (Soccer) Betting Tools 25% Commission

    Hi, Looking for established affiliates to promote a portfolio of Sports Betting Tools. Ideally, I am looking for a football blogger or football odds tipster that can push our products on web, social and email. Bet Practice specialises in creating intuitive betting tools based on a extensive...
  9. Marc

    Terror-Attack on Dortmund Football-Team :P

    What a BS ! The Madness does not even stop before athletes :p Yesterday evening the team-bus of BVB Dortmund was attacked by 3 blasts while the football players were on their way to the Stadium for the Champions League quarterfinal match against AS Monaco. The game had to be canceled. Latest...
  10. M

    Affiliates Wanted xxx

  11. marzz123

    Affiliates Wanted Sign Up to Play the Game and Earn Like A Pro - NFL MLS NBA EPL FIFA MLB NHL

  12. marzz123

    Here to Learn How to Promote

    Hello Friends I AM New to this affiliate marketing industry. Like everyone here I have something to promote and am looking for the best ways to generate traffic and conversions. I hope to learn from all of your experiences collectively and look forward to hearing your suggestions and...
  13. A

    Affiliates Wanted Win-Win. A Foolproof Deal for Euro 2016

    Let’s celebrate summer 2016 with a special month of amazing promotions. All of June is dedicated to our newest brand - Winner Sports. That means extra rewards and promotions during the hottest European sports event this summer – Euro 2016. Right now Winner Sports is already one of the top...