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    Announcement 70% discounted tracker!

    Hey there, We all know how important it is to properly track your campaigns. This will not only allow you to follow your conversions but most importantly to test, analyze and consequently improve your performance. Yep, a tracker is an essential tool for each and every affiliate! As a trusted...
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    Affiliates Wanted Get on board with REVOLUT: business class for everybody!

    Ladies & Gentlemen, This is the pre-boarding announcement for your one-way flight to success! We are now inviting passengers with the relevant traffic to begin boarding at this time. For the latecomers, check-in is done with @David Spicyoffers by Skype or email:
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    Affiliates Wanted It’s new, it’s trendy, it's in-house and exclusive, it’s CRAZYGLOW !

    Hi there, After the international success of Spicyoffers’ in-house eCommerce offer Wondercoco, you asked for more such offers... Here it is ! Please welcome CRAZYGLOW, a temporary and 100% natural Hair Coloring Cream for a stunning and unique look! Exceptionnal Affiliate commission of 29 EUR...