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  1. B

    anyobody have script to increast fast speed loading website?

    my speed loading score is slow.... i dont know how to increase
  2. Kc-Tan

    Is this Page Loading Time Good ?

    Hi, My Mobile landing pages loading time is 2-3 seconds; So, what do you think? Is it a good time or not ?
  3. Kc-Tan

    Mobile L.Pages Load Time ?

    Hi everyone, kc here.. I just Created 5 mobile landing pages, and i used 'GTmetrix' to test my pages speed. and here are the results: Page1 >> Page size: 1.8 mb / Load time: 4.0 s Page2 >> Page size: 824 kb / Load time: 3.6 s Page3 >> Page size: 677...