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  1. lalala


    Just wondering if you have come across a system called PushProBot? I foud it in a package of about 10 others from WarriorPlus (for pay-what-you-like = $7). It is an amazing automated Push Notification landing page system. Cost about $300. He must pay multiple $10K per month in programmers...
  2. DomasG

    Selling Leads (2021 Traffic Deals) Top Quality DomasG Solo Ads (220+ Positive Reviews), US Clicks Available!

    Always Fresh and Top Quality DomasG Solo Ads Purchased amount of clicks will be delivered within 48 hours (usually less than 24 hours) of agreed sending date. Rates below are for your URL promotion with my ad copy. If you wish to use your own ad copy, please contact me. All prices below...
  3. Piyush09rhce

    Solo Ads vs Push Ads for Health Niche

    Hey Community Expert, Need your help!! Best resource for solo ads?? Which one is better solo or push???
  4. David Mali

    $926 in Udimi Affiliate Commissions (Updated)

    Hey Guys i created a post before and this is the update I have Joined Udimi Affiliate program 4 months ago and with just one youtube video talking about Udimi Solo ads and putting my affiliate link in the description .. and i have posted the video in many fb groups (affiliate marketing...
  5. J

    Tier2 brasil trafic

    Anyone knows realible solo ads seller with trafic from brasil?
  6. David Mali

    $480 in Udimi Commissions (solo ads)

    2 months being an affiliate with Udimi just 1 youtube video reviewing Udimi = $480 in Commissions without doing anything
  7. G Chandra Shekhar Rao

    Hello Every One Here! This is Shekhar, Just joined this awesome forum..

    Hi I'm an internet marketer since 7yrs, I use to do ListBuilding, SoloAds, Flipping Sites etc and now started promoting some sort of CPA offers.. Came here to share experiences between us...Hope you people help me to do so... Thanks EveryOne!
  8. n34th

    Trading Solo Ad Exchange

    If you want help growing your list, I'm offering a solo ad trade The Options 100/100 200/200 300/300 500/500 About My list 350k Of Highly Engaged Subscribers 85% Top Tier Traffic (US, CA, UK, AUS, NZ) Key interests, Wealth building Internet Marketing No Exit Traffic If your list is in the...
  9. shafi kasmani

    which best affiliate program on udimi (solo ads)?

    I tried Clickbank direct linking on udimi but it is not converting sale! any guess which best affiliate program for promote solo ads from udimi?
  10. abdellahi

    Easy method to make some $$$

    hi everyone today i'll be sharing with you a simple method to add some cash to your bank account. the method is about selling solo ads. solo ads : is to rent your email list and get paid on CPC model. but on this method you don't need to have an email list as you'll be selling others solo ads...