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  1. Julia Postoplan

    Software for Affiliate managers

    In your opinion, what actions of an affiliate manager can be automated? We have developed a marketing and social media automation tool and we want to make it as useful as possible for affiliate managers. What actions do you perform every day, and which ones can be automated?
  2. Jesus Izquierdo

    Looking for a good Affiliate Software?

    Hello, I've seen several posts about Affiliate Software (or Affiliate Manager or Affiliate App as you prefer) and I'd like to resume my recent experience. I'm launching our Affiliate Program at and was looking for an Affiliate Software compatible and easily installable with...
  3. digiroge

    Management tools for recurring services

    Hello, Does anyone know any SaaS/whitelabel for recurring services in any niche? We as product owners have been some time looking for one and finally we created one from scratch to meet our cc submit needs. Would like to check some other platforms to compare features and capabilites.
  4. clickBakers

    Are you ready for ASW in Las Vegas?

    Hi ALL! clickBakers team is coming to the Affiliate Summit West on 15 – 17 January in Las Vegas! Take this opportunity to discover more about our progressive tracking software and TDS for affiliates and performance marketers and learn how to improve the performance of your traffic. Come to...
  5. Iakovos

    Affiliate Tracking Software

    Hi, i have a membership education business on affiliate marketing and i want to build my own affiliate program. I have a small group of affiliates now (30 teammates) and i want to grow up to 300. So i want a good affiliate tracking software but something affortable because of the small group of...
  6. Refinement Services

    Sharing our experiences from 15 years in the industry!

    Hello from Neil & Deanna! We're happy to join the community at Affiliate Fix and look forward to sharing our thoughts and helping solve questions that we have the answers regarding affiliate marketing and referral marketing . After 15 years of working closely with our partners we've seen some...
  7. Susan

    Halloween promotion from clickBakers tracker!

    Are you ready stand out of line? Take candy from clickBakers and get your 2 months FREE as a special Halloween discount! Sip your favorite drink, sit in your favorite chair and make tracking software clean out all your traffic and increase your conversation rate! It`s so scary good, take your...
  8. OSHI

    Affiliates Wanted OSHI Defender - 80% commission Affiliate Program

    Dear Webmasters, I'm glad to present you our OSHI Defender Affiliate Program. Anti-malware software is one of the growing market trends. Raising amount of scammers and potentially harmful programs that may receive access to your personal data put internet security on top of user’s interests...
  9. OSHI

    Hello everyone!

    I am Denis. I work as affiliate manager in software development company called OSHI Software. Our main product is antimalware service based on cloud architecture. I am here to find new affiliates and provide them with all updates and news regarding our affiliate program. Obviously, I am glad to...
  10. Shem Weissman

    Affiliates Wanted Join the Microsoft Rising Star of 2016

    Software Affiliate Program | 3 Steps to Success Sign Up for Free Sign up is Fast & Free through ShareASale. Promote Send visitors to us, we'll handle the rest! Earn When your visitor buys, you get up to 8%! Why Join...