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  1. KateGorb

    Adjust or Appsflyer

    Hello everyone! I am about to launch a mobile campaign for a soft product and I was advised on two tracking systems: appsflyer and adjust. Which one is better in your opinion?
  2. Maria Basova/MoonRover

    MoonRover Introduction

    Hello and Welcome everyone! Thank you for your interest of this thread. I would like to introduce you our new affiliate network, MoonRover. We are a young but promising network that can offer our future partners a large number of exclusive campaigns, 24/7 manager support and very good payouts...
  3. Loyalty Kevin

    .exe Monetization

    Hi there, Who can suggest the best monetization of .exe soft. Geo EU and US . I know about bing and yahoo feeds. Thank you
  4. itvazovski

    [Guide] IG + Mass comments. $ 250 for 24 hours

    Hey Guys, Before we begin, I want to say that this guide was for the Russian market, but nothing prevents you to repeat it all over the world. Also, I am more programmer than affiliate. All the software that is needed for this guide I have created myself. Step 1: We chose offer an CPA network...
  5. Koro

    Beginner need your help! about soft

    Hi, everybody! I am a beginner and it is not my main language. I didn't find sensible information at forums of my country and for this reason I ask you! What software you use for operation in Facebook, it is better free. Also can you will tell about good software that you use.\ thanks!!