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  1. MartinaMobiniti

    Official Mobiniti can boost your ROI up to 2000%

    Am Martina from Mobiniti , USA SMS Tier 1 company, if u are interested , i want to offer you sms bulk services at good prices for your traffic. Am working in SMS Telecom already 8 years and working with affiliate traffic , marketing and lead generation around 5 years. I have clients that are...
  2. Jens44

    Offer Wanted Looking for Pay Per Call offers

    I'm looking for quality pay-per-call offers. I have a reliable method of sending out ~100k SMS messages to high quality American numbers every day. Already had great success on a few networks (with affiliate links), and I can show statistics. I have the numbers and the means to send high...
  3. O

    Do you have OPT-IN US phone numbers? I can monetize them

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone on here have opt-in US numbers collected from other forms of marketing. I have a new SMS sending system I can use to send SMS extremely cheap to all US carriers. As I want to make the most of it, I think it would be best to send to opt-in numbers. We have...
  4. Ronyking Sourcing INC

    Is there Any Private SMS gateway?

    As the headline implies i want to know if its possible or if some people have their own private/personal sms gateway. Anyone have this idea?
  5. Shamim Hassan

    I need a sms campaign

    I have quality traffic from USA and ca. I am need a SMS campaign. My Skype: sashohan14 Thanks, Shamim
  6. simonbrep

    Selling Traffic Do You Need Traffic? Brand New API Feeds

    Hi - how are you? We have premium consumer and business leads targeted by verticals. Data comes as daily feed direct to your server and is available monthly, so you can market your affiliate offers direct via email / call / sms PM or Email for more info
  7. simonbrep

    Selling Leads 30-50k Premium Data Feeds

    500,000 Leads Monthly Optimised for Email / Call Centre / SMS Based on GEO 50% Off Follow this Link for More Info