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  1. A

    BD of EnterMedia, we provide the most professional advertisement development

    EnterMedia is one of the best advertisement company in China. Our company has more than 50 employees, we have the best advertisment group and provide the most professional advertisment development. We focus on the market of SKIN, MUSCLE and DIET product.
  2. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted New Biz Ops, CPI Gaming, Nutra and Dating at MonsterAds

    Hey Fixers, It's been a busy few weeks for MonsterAds since returning from ASE 2016. We've added some great offers available for you. Verticals include: PPL mainstream and adult dating Biz Op Trials CPI Mobile Gaming Desktop mainstream and adult gaming Teeth Whitening Diet Skin Care Trials...
  3. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted for HOT US Skin Trial with 1cu

    Hey Fixers, I hope all is well. At MonsterAds we've added a great US skin trial which has a 1 click upsell also. This niche is really hot and we've got some cap available for those interested. Give me a shout for more information Cheers
  4. purified

    Beauty / Skincare Offers? What affiliate network has these?

    Does anyone know what affiliate networks have offers for products like this one? dermaactiveserum dot com I know that eMediaTraffic and BizProfits have them in where the payouts are around $40/CPA. Anyone know any other affiliate networks worth checking out?