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  1. John_Vianny

    Powering email marketing with marketing automation

    56% of business presently utilize an email marketing supplier and also are 75% or more probable to be buyers of marketing automation software program over the following year. A lot of email marketing solutions allow you send out emails at pre-defined times. As an example, if you run an once a...
  2. John_Vianny

    SendLane Is Good or Not?

    Ive seen lots of Solo Ad seller advice the new autoresponder SendLane. Even JvZoo has partnered with them. It's said that SendLane has the ability to deliver the message at the most opening time the users have opened the previous ones.... IS IT TRUE? Ive also red about some users who has...
  3. John_Vianny

    ActiveCampaign VS SendLane: which is the best?

    I use ActiveCampaign and now i signed up also with SendLane. Which is the best in your opinion? ActiveCampaign of course has more about automation: it has designed primarly for that. SendLane has automation too, less choices than ActiveCampaign, but it has also opt-in page builder. They are...