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  1. N

    Script for in your (city name) (location)

    How do you make it say on your landing page: we have this product in your (city name, or town)? So stating your users location. Thank you.
  2. Joseph Viet

    How can I find Marketing Affiliator who will sell product for me?

    Hi everyone! I'm newbie and I have a question is How can I find Marketing Affiliator who will sell product for me? Because I have a good scripts for Social Media Marketing, I think you will like if you can try it. But, until now I have only channel to sell it, so that, I want to learn How can...
  3. Mabegu5000

    Help with Bemob, Clickbank and Landing Page

    Hello Friend how are you! I have a little doubt about the landing tracker and offer (in this case bemob) It turns out that I created a pre-sale landing type that when people click on the call-to-action buttons takes them directly to the payment form, but the payment link is masked under a...
  4. Muhammad Hamza

    CPM CPC CPA Ad Network

    Hi We have developed ad network script and continuously updating this script. Today this script becomes state of the art ad network script, There is a long list of features of this script, you can read here Advertising Website and Ad Network Script - Mobile Ad Network - create your own ad...
  5. S

    Geo ip re-director

    As a affiliate who uses cpa and seo I know that it is hard to get the right people to the cpa offer due to one simple fact cpa offers are most of the time country based. But because you can never know where people find your website and in what country you can lose much income from that traffic...
  6. M

    Looking For Mobile Landing Page Designer For Mobile Affiliate Marketing (CPA/CPI) Offers

    Looking for an experienced mobile web designer to create Mobile landing pages for CPA (Cost Per Action) and CPI (Cost Per Install) mobile offers like sweepstakes, voucher and gambling. I also need you to setup and implement some of the following scripts with these landing pages: 1...
  7. evik

    Adding Scripts to Adobe Muse - Project

    I've exported this little one text line website from Muse and I wonder if one of you guys can open it in an html editor and add some kind of a script to it. Like browser detection, or a timer, or calling the day. Anything just to see if it works. Download the file