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  1. hvbeladiya

    Cx3ads Big Scam Alert

    Cx3 Marketing and Digital Agency is a big scam company. I made a huge amount with them for 2 months and they stopped responding to me since after payment time. Website: Cx3 Marketing and Digital Agency CEO: Bryant Valentine Linkedin Profile:
  2. hvbeladiya


    We had promoted Jollychic campaign for one month from @Adstract (#Edge226) and they always had good feedback on quality. On following month end they sent rejection because their client trapped them. Quality feedback: 37% install to add to cart ratio. Company...
  3. abdelhadi1234

    Is globalwide media a scam ? (Closed UnResolved - Not a Scam, but also did not respond)

    I have work with globalwide media as an affiliate , and i have made about 3000$ a day when i have try to enter to my account it says : Login unsuccessful. User account is Inactive/Pending. when i have contact the affiliate Jota Ferreira he has say to me that my account was terminated and he...