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  1. affiliatelk

    Ask Me Anything How to setup cloaker to running ads on facebook?

    Hi, Is there anyone can clearly explain me on, How can I setup cloaker and or tracker that supports file_get_contents() in PHP to show facebook bots the safepage, while showing real users the ‘money site’ all on the same URL ? Advice me which one is the cheap and best cloaker ? What is...
  2. affiliatelk

    Safe Page creation & setup ?

    I am new to facebook marketing. I would like to promote (Health Niche) Adcombo networks Cash On Delivery offers through facebook. To promote through facebook, I can't directly place my affiliate link, so I need to create SAFE PAGE. Is there any guidence on What is cloaking What is exactly...
  3. affiliatelk

    How to create 'SAFE PAGE' ?

    Hi, Is there anyone can explain step-by-step, How can I create a safepage to promote my Adcombo COD offers through Facebook ads.. How can I set up these 'Safe Page' to promote through facebook ? What are the other skills that I need to launch FB campaign to promote Adcombo COD offers? Thanks