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  1. dusanandrle

    Real traffic sources

    Hey all, i am looking for new trafic sources (Facebook, AdSense etc. we have ... I'm looking for another way) for my projects. I've found many sources where to buy traffic, but also many bad reviews. I have a few selected sources that interested me, can I know your opinions? Real traffic, will...
  2. Smiki

    Ad Networks for Gambling

    Hi everyone, I've been generating leads for the gambling industry and I'm currently considering to expand to new and proven ad networks I'm working currently on Propeller ads and the campaigns there work pretty good. I have tried ZeroPark and Richads but they're not even close in terms of CPA...
  3. A

    Richads for pop traffic

    Hi there, Have a question regarding Richads, which I am sure their support would have been able to answer but as it is weekend I thought to ask here and see if anyone has any experience and can help Seems whenever I make a new campaign it will only start to send traffic from one SITE_ID, and I...