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  1. E

    Looking For Research Proposal

    how to start writing a proposal on supply chain topic
  2. ebeal

    Research Help - Paid Media Affiliates

    Hi everyone! I'm new here! I'm Emma, an Event Manager at Clarion Events. I work for Affiliate Summit and head up Affiliate Meet Markt Berlin - a 2 day event focused on high reward niches in the industry: igaming, nutra, dating, health & wellness, personal finance. I'm looking for paid media...
  3. AndersLarsson

    Researching YouLikeHits - What am I missing?

    Hi, I'm doing a research for my next video about YouLikeHits. It is a traffic exchange site where you earn points by doing tasks like viewing YouTube videos, subscribing and liking. Not only YouTube but many other social media sites. Starting with 200 Points I added my blog page. I configured it...
  4. Ma'at Hetep

    Yes I'm a Newbie :)

    Here's my second post on the forum after introducing myself :) So I have been looking through some of the threads on the forum especially the ones related to some of the questions I would have asked. At this point I have a few things I'm wondering about. The first one is about using EPC as...
  5. G

    Looking to hire someone from LATAM for research purposes

    Hello everyone! Desperately need your help, guys.. Anyone from LATAM here? Primary interest - Argentina, Brazil, Mexico. Willing to pay for the following: register on websites of our interest (will pm the details); deposit with a LOCAL card in LOCAL currency; make screenshots of the whole flow...
  6. Louanna

    Master Thesis Topic Search

    Hi all, i would like to write my master thesis on UX design or gamification. But i have no ideas concerning what exactly i will/can research/develop so that it has value. Maybe some of you have any ideas please?:p
  7. Alex admitad

    admitad: Chinese e-commerce cross-border sales in 2017

    One of the main e-commerce trends in 2017 was crossborder. Everyone takes it’s part in it – from the giants of online to small shops where craftsmen set their handicrafts for sale. admitad, as a global CPA-network, is a hub capable of uniting sellers and buyers from all over the world. The...
  8. Imogen Thomas

    Acematiks High Commission Affiliate Program

    Hello everyone, Thanks for your warm welcome messages to Affiliate Fix. I'm Imogen Thomas, an affiliate account manager with, a 24-hours a day, 365-days a year Academic Help & Professional Writing Service. I'd like to cordially invite all interested affiliates to join the tens of...
  9. bookfre

    Need suggestions and ideas for my charity website on books

    Hello, All! I am running a website with charity purpose where people including students, poor scholars etc can download their needy contents like books etc. website is running and I'm posting books from my store, but want to embed book for those who can't even download so that they can read...