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  1. Graybeard

    Why is Kansas the Richest US State?

    Per Capita:D Warren Buffet $72 $81Billion Berkshire Hathaway << that's OMAHA, NE (my error) What is behind the statistic does matter :p One man can make a difference ;) WTF is with Kansas? LOL (Statistical Anomaly?)
  2. Anna2017

    Announcement Real talk. Giveaway!

    Dear Fixers! It's time to review your preferable Network on Affbank listing and take your prize for it! Real talk. Real prizes for real guys :affiliatefix:
  3. Tusohian

    Gold I've Just Won The AffiliateFix & Mobicow Presents $500 Giveaway

    I'm working as a SEO & Article Writing specialist on a freelancing website since 2015 but from starting of the year 2016, I’ve started reading the impressive and awesome writings by the talented internet marketer here in AffiliateFix. I really love to read and learn the success stories and...