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  1. Tariq Ben

    YouTube Comment Upvote

    Is there anyone here who can make YouTube comment upvote bots? Contact me...
  2. MartinPHP

    php developer going affiliate

    Hi, I am building professional websites and php applications for more than 10 years now. I can build about anything in php from simple data collectors and processors to complete API's. I made good money with it, but it is also hard work, it still is. That is why I want to generate income more...
  3. Qartis

    Looking For Custom Reward (GRP) Script with CMS programmer

    Hello, i am looking for GRT (Get Reward To) script with basic cms programmer. I need to create a script where user creates an account, completes offers from Offer Walls and gets points. These points will be used for buying virtual gods that i manually stock using cms you made. I would give you...
  4. Jeff_Z

    Looking For Programmer for coreg real-time lead posting to CRM

    We are looking to hire a programmer to write a script to handle the following: We are an agency that is working with a coreg company that sends leads to us in real time via URL. We need a script that runs on our domain that processes the leads from the coreg company and then immediately sends...