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popads token

  1. broke to conqueror

    Popads Postback + Bemob need help

    Hello, all I am trying to set up my first campaign stuck on setting up traffic source (Popads) in Bemob I have selected traffic source as Popads from the template but I don't know what to put or how to replace the tokens to add multiple tokens correctly. I am a newbie. so please help...
  2. Newbidder TRK

    Ask Me Anything [TIP] How to find the postback url in Popads and integrate with newbidder

    Lots of affiliates always start with pop campaign and the is always the best choice to test offer cuz it 's have lots of pop traffic in India and thailand. But still hard to find where is the postback url when they setup the postback with newbidder tracking. here I can give you the...