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  1. 3Snet network

    3snet cpa network

    We are CPL/CPA 3snet network and we offer - Traffic for advertisers on following verticals: Gambling / Poker / Lotto / Betting / Forex / Binary options / Crypto / Mining / Loan / Lending / Dating / Nutra / - Such profitable terms for publishers as High rates on offers / Individual terms /...
  2. D

    Looking for CPA network with 888 poker offer

    Good day! I might have some poker traffic soon that would presumably go well with 888, but i can't get any response from 888 aff program. Please drop me (here or in PM) links to good CPA networks that have the offer. Thank you!
  3. V

    Hello all!

    Hey all, Recently joined this forum, and am finding it useful with plenty of information and tips! About me - I started out as an affiliate in 2011. I got into it after playing online poker for many years. I was finding that I was making some returns, but often not enough and it was taking me...
  4. M


    Hi, my name is Michelle and i am an affiliate manager at Reefmedia. I have been working in the gaming industry for 12 years. Mainly in customer Support but more recently in affiliate management. Ive joined this forum to make connections and learn more about affiliates.
  5. A

    Which niche to choose? (Sportsbetting? Gaming?)

    Hi, I am fairly new to affiliate marketing. I am looking for a piece of advice on which niche to choose, what is on the go now? I was thinking about sports betting or online gaming but not really sure if this market is not overloaded. I mean the competition might be huge! And... Any advice...
  6. A

    Affiliates Wanted $225 CPA from 888poker!

    888poker has always known how to keep your players interested, bringing new fun every time. For the next nine days only, if you can attract five new players, you'll get $225 CPA for 888poker for the whole of July! Remember, this offer ends on 30th June. Time is running out on this amazing...
  7. H

    Best way to promote Gambling (Casino/Poker/Betting) CPA's?

    Hi guys, as the title says already, could anyone tell me how to promote Casino/Poker or Betting CPA offers with paid traffic? Maybe some offers (I've seen that from 888poker as well as 888casino which pay fairly high)? Traffic sources? (I cannot run it on Bing or Google because of their terms)...