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pin submit offer

  1. CPA7en

    Seeking Help What are the BEST ways to promote "Pin Submit" offers?

    Hello I am new to CPA affiliate marketing and want to know the best ways to promote "Pin Submit" offers successfully. Also, as a newbie, do you suggest me to use paid tools such as CPVLAP for tracking and AdPlexity for spying as I don't know a free alternative for these tools! Thanks in...
  2. Evgenia L

    1000+ offers for mobile VAS traffic. Daily payouts from 20$.

    Hi there! :) My name is Evgenia. I'm looking for WW traffic for VAS offers. * Promotional content removed by Admin * .
  3. S

    Which Email Submit Cpa offer(For tier4 countries) should I promote on Microworkers

    Please help me to find out really converting Email Submit CPA offer which works in tier 4 countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Because I have invested 10$ in microworkers account and I tested some indian email and pin submit offers on whatsapp traffic that are not converting that's why...
  4. Tariq Ben

    AdWords + pin submit offers + tier 3 countries

    I will chatting with a friend until he shared his 11 month result promoting pin submit offer on AdWords and earned $300,000 in that period. Is it possible? If yes, tips on how to go about it...
  5. S

    where can I get pin submit offer funnel example

    I want to promote pin submit offer. If I get an example of pin submit offer, It will be good for me?